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import nltk
from nltk.corpus import stopwords
from gensim import corpora
import gensim
import numpy as np
def get_cleaned_tokens(text):
""" Returns a list of tokens from text, cleaned
and with stopwords removed. """
words = nltk.word_tokenize(text.lower())
stops = set(stopwords.words("english"))
tokens = [w.encode('ascii',errors='ignore').decode()
for w in words if w[0].isalpha() and w not in stops]
return tokens
class Corpus:
def __init__(self, raw_texts,filter_extremes=True):
texts = [get_cleaned_tokens(text)
for text in raw_texts]
self.dictionary = corpora.Dictionary(texts)
if filter_extremes:
self.corpus = [self.dictionary.doc2bow(text) for text in texts]
self.rev_dictionary = {v:k for k,v in self.dictionary.iteritems()}
self.matrix = gensim.matutils.corpus2csc(self.corpus)
def num(self,contains=None):
if contains is None:
return len(self.corpus)
if type(contains) == str:
k = self.rev_dictionary[contains]
return self.matrix[k,:].getnnz()
return 0
keys = [self.rev_dictionary[word]
for word in contains if word in self.rev_dictionary]
if len(keys) == 0:
return 0
entries = np.sum(self.matrix[keys,:],axis=0)
return np.sum(entries > 0)