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my settings to use 3 as a WM inside XFCE4 under Antergos Linux will also work for pure Archlinux!

The benefit is to get i3 as environment for the best workflow, but have the ease of settings from xfce4!

I replace xfcewm with i3-wm, and have i3 configured to my needs.

I3 is set to have 4 tabs on bottom left:

|Terminals| = 4 terminals with glances, journal, htop and one open for your input.

|Files| = thunar open and up fpr action.

|Email| = geary running.

|Browser| = vivaldi running.


Right bottom carry the info panel: with clickable icons for:

  • system-update, xfce-settings, volume, and poweroff-logout-menu

  • RSS-feed, systemmonitor, and tray icons


I just start up with the default XFCE-install from Antergos, and adding i3-wm packages from my list of packages:

cat packages.txt | xargs yaourt -S --needed --noconfirm


Open 'Session and Startup', and go to the 'Session' tab.

Note: xfwm4 and xfdesktop processes will be replaced by the i3 Window Manager!

  • For xfwm4, click Immediately and change it to the Never option.

  • For xfdesktop, click Immediately and change it to the Never option.

  • For xfce4-panel, click Immediately and change it to the Never option.

  • Click the button: Save Session.

next you need to remove autosave option under Settings > Settingseditor:

  • klick on xfce-session: and remove the boolean for "save on exit": settings-editor

get i3 configs work:

cp -R .config ~/.config && cp .Xresources ~/

sudo systemctl restart lightdm

and you are in!

Use arc-darker as theme and arc iconset.