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Kill Bill

Kill Bill has been the leading open-source platform for billing and payment since 2010.

Welcome to Kill Bill!

The Kill Bill billing system and payments platform is feature-rich out-of-the-box and highly customizable. Use it for highly complex billing schemes, including one-offs, recurring, and usage-based plans.

Kill Bill is not an all-in-one solution. Instead, it's highly modularized; you can disable the functionality you don't need or replace functionality with one of your existing systems. The real power of Kill Bill lies in building your own business logic on top of it to create a customized billing and payments solution.

You can write plugins to modify Kill Bill's behavior and integrate with third-party vendors. Kill Bill already has many open-source plugins. Use them as examples for creating your own or modify them for your own use.

Your business doesn't need to rely on the uptime or processing speed of a SaaS provider. You choose where to run Kill Bill from, on-premise or in the cloud, like Kill Bill on AWS.

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  1. killbill Public

    Open-Source Subscription Billing & Payments Platform

    Java 2.6k 650

  2. Kill Bill Administrative UI engine

    Ruby 41 55

  3. Kill Bill documentation

    CSS 28 78

  4. Java client library for Kill Bill

    Java 30 60

  5. Ruby client library for Kill Bill

    Ruby 22 22

  6. Kill Bill deployment utilities

    Ruby 56 75



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