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kbcmd - Kill bill command line

kbcmd is a command line client for killbill. kbcmd uses go client library to talk to killbill.


For users new to go, you need to have go compiler installed. If not,

  1. Install go from here
  2. Follow the instructions here to setup your environment.
  3. Tests your installation and verify everything works.

Installing kbcmd

go get -u
go install

# For bash completion
source $GOPATH/src/

Running kbcmd

kbcmd -h
# (or)
kbcmd <command> -h

Walkthrough: Create subscription and invoices

The following walkthrough will walk you through the steps to create new account and subscription and then generate invoice for it.

kbcmd walkthrough


For development, clone the repository to your git workspace under $GOPATH/src/ and then run go get -t ./... to install the dependencies. Visual Studio Code is recommmended IDE, but others work as well. Make sure to run the tests before submitting PR.

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