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docker-compose recipes

Quick start

Docker Compose is the easiest way to setup the Kill Bill stack:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.kb.yml -p kb up

Use docker-machine env <name> or the environment variable $DOCKER_HOST to get the IP address of the container.

Then go to http://<IP_ADDRESS>:9090/ and log-in via admin/password.

Logging and Metrics infrastructure

The Makefile generates a Docker Compose file which sets up the Kill Bill stack along with services for logging and recording metrics.

To launch the full stack, run:



  • the Makefile will look for the Docker container IP via docker-machine ip default. Adapt to your setup if necessary.

  • docker-compose logs won’t work, because all logs are forwarded to Elasticsearch. The easiest way to find logs for a specific container is to search for the container ID in Kibana.

  • You need several GB of RAM to run the entire stack in the host: on Mac-OS, open Virtual Box and check the VM has 2GB or more of RAM (you need to poweroff the VM first).


The Elastic Stack setup (Elasticseach, Logstash, Kibana) is provided in the docker-compose.elk.yml file.

It will give you the ability to analyze any data set by using the searching/aggregation capabilities of Elasticseach and the visualization power of Kibana.

Logstash listens on 1514 (Syslog protocol). For debugging purposes, the stdout plugin is enabled:

docker logs -f elk_logstash_1

The Kibana UI is available at http://<IP_ADDRESS>:5601. Port 9200 for Elasticsearch is open for available to the host for Sense.


The docker-compose.gi.yml file sets up Telegraf, InfluxDB, cAdvisor and Grafana.

The Grafana UI is available at http://<IP_ADDRESS>:3000 (default credentials: admin:admin).

When running the full stack, Grafana uses the MariaDB container as the storage backend. To configure it (default database credentials root:killbill):

USE grafana;
CREATE TABLE `session` (
    `key`       CHAR(16) NOT NULL,
    `data`      BLOB,
    `expiry`    INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`key`)

You also need to add the InfluxDB datasources. Got to http://<IP_ADDRESS>:3000/datasources/new:

  • Name: influxdb

  • Type: InfluxDB

  • Url: http://influxdb:8086

  • Database: killbill

  • User: killbill

  • Password: killbill