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Kill Bill compatibility

Plugin version Kill Bill version
0.1.y 0.14.z
0.2.y 0.16.z
0.3.y 0.18.z
0.4.y 0.19.z
0.5.y 0.20.z
0.6.y 0.22.z


The plugin needs a database. The latest version of the schema can be found here.


The plugin will listen to specific system bus events and notify customers through emails. The following events are currently processed and emails are sent to all the email addresses associated with the account:

  • INVOICE_CREATION: the customer will receive an email informing that a new invoice is available.
  • INVOICE_NOTIFICATION: the customer will receive an email about upcoming invoices (the time at which to send the email is configured through the Kill Bill system property org.killbill.invoice.dryRunNotificationSchedule)
  • INVOICE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS: the customer will receive an email after each successful payment or refund
  • INVOICE_PAYMENT_FAILED: the customer will receive an email after each failed payment
  • SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL: the customer will receive an email at the time a subscription was requested to be canceled and/or at the effective date of the subscription cancellation

Note that in order to send an email, the account must be configured to permit such event(s).

The plugin will typically extract some per account information:

  • The locale is used to determine which translation to use
  • The account email address is obviously requested to be able to send the email
  • In addition to this, and depending on which information the templates require, other fields may be needed (e.g address1, city, ...)

SMTP & Email Type Configuration

Tenant Configuration

Each tenant that requires the use of the plugin must be configured with the SMTP properties, and it can also specify the default set of emails that should be set. As indicated above, the plugin allows to be used to react to the following events: INVOICE_CREATION, INVOICE_NOTIFICATION, INVOICE_PAYMENT_SUCCESS, INVOICE_PAYMENT_FAILED, and SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL.

The following curl command can be used to configure a particular tenant:

curl -v \
     -X POST \
     -u admin:password \
     -H 'X-Killbill-ApiKey: bob' \
     -H 'X-Killbill-ApiSecret: lazar' \
     -H 'X-Killbill-CreatedBy: admin' \
     -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' \

Account Configuartion

In addition to the per-tenant configuration, we also allow a more granular configuration for the set of emails to send at the account level:

curl -v \
     -X POST \
     -u admin:password \
     -H 'X-Killbill-ApiKey: bob' \
     -H 'X-Killbill-ApiSecret: lazar' \
     -H 'X-Killbill-CreatedBy: admin' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Templates & Resources Configuration

The plugin comes with a set of default templates but one will typically want to upload his own templates. We are relying on the Mustache engine for the templating mechanism.

In addition to the templates, we all allow to upload some resources files to allow for string translations in different languages, e.g. to have different translations for the catalog product names.

Supported Keys And Resources

The various templates and translation files can be uploaded on a per tenant basis using the following keys (for instance with a Locale en_US).

Note that the approach taken here has been to create one template per locale and per type (as opposed to one template per type with an additional set of translation string bundles for each locale):

  • Template for invoice creation: killbill-email-notifications:INVOICE_CREATION_en_US
  • Template for upcoming invoices: killbill-email-notifications:UPCOMING_INVOICE_en_US
  • Template for successful payments: killbill-email-notifications:SUCCESSFUL_PAYMENT_en_US
  • Template for failed payments: killbill-email-notifications:FAILED_PAYMENT_en_US
  • Template for subscription cancellation (requested date): killbill-email-notifications:SUBSCRIPTION_CANCELLATION_REQUESTED_en_US
  • Template for subscription cancellation (effective date): killbill-email-notifications:SUBSCRIPTION_CANCELLATION_EFFECTIVE_en_US
  • Template for payment refunds: killbill-email-notifications:PAYMENT_REFUND_en_US
  • Template for translation strings: killbill-email-notifications:TEMPLATE_TRANSLATION_en_US

The last template is where you define all of the text. values referenced from your template (take a look at what our default templates require).

This is also where the email subjects are defined by the following mandatory keys:

  • upcomingInvoiceSubject
  • successfulPaymentSubject
  • failedPaymentSubject
  • paymentRefundSubject
  • subscriptionCancellationRequestedSubject
  • subscriptionCancellationEffectiveSubject
  • invoiceCreationSubject

The following Kill Bill endpoints can be used to upload the templates:

  • Upload a new per-tenant template for a specific locale: POST /1.0/kb/tenants/userKeyValue/<KEY_NAME>
  • Retrieve a per-tenant template for a specific locale: GET /1.0/kb/tenants/userKeyValue/<KEY_NAME>
  • Delete a per-tenant template for a specific locale: DELETE /1.0/kb/tenants/userKeyValue/<KEY_NAME>

Note that to update a given template, you must delete it first.

Email Template Example

One can upload per-tenant email templates for various events using KB apis. At runtime the plugin will look at the configured templates and based on the locale associated with a given account, decide which one to take; the administrator should upload one template per event and type of locale supported. If a given Account does not have a locale specified, this will fail with a exception Translation for locale XXX isn't found.

Let's look at an example to upload a templare for the next upcoming invoice and for a locale en_US:

  1. Create the template /tmp/UpcomingInvoice.mustache:
*** You Have a New Invoice ***

You have a new invoice from {{text.merchantName}}, due on {{invoice.targetDate}}.

{{startDate}} {{planName}} : {{invoice.formattedAmount}}

{{text.invoiceAmountTotal}}: {{invoice.formattedBalance}}

{{}}, {{account.stateOrProvince}} {{account.postalCode}}

If you have any questions about your account, please reply to this email or contact {{text.merchantName}} Support at: {{text.merchantContactPhone}}
  1. Upload the template for your tenant
curl -v \
-u admin:password \
-H "X-Killbill-ApiKey: bob" \
-H "X-Killbill-ApiSecret: lazar" \
-H 'X-Killbill-CreatedBy: admin' \
-H "Content-Type: text/plain" \
--data-binary @/tmp/UpcomingInvoice.mustache \


SMTP Server

In order to test the plugin, the easiest route is to start a local SMTP server. We are typically relying on the namshi/smtp docker image:

# Start the SMTP server on port 25
docker run -tid --name smtp_server -p 25:25  -e DISABLE_IPV6=true namshi/smtp


  1. Create a tenant
  2. Configure the tenant as specififed above
  3. Create an account and specifify at least the locale and email. Our default template will also require the following fields to be set on the Account: company_name, address1, city, state_or_province, postal_code, country.
  4. Add a default payment method and set it as default.
  5. Create a external charge to trigger an invoice

=> You should see an email sent for the invoice and successful payment


Kill Bill plugin for email notifications





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