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Killbill payment plugin for Recurly.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you can build the project by running the smoke tests: mvn clean test
  2. Go to and create an account. This account will be used as a sandbox environment for testing.
  3. In your Recurly account, click on API Credentials (bottom of the left menu), click the Enable API Access button and write down your API Key.
  4. Verify the setup by running the killbill-recurly-plugin integration tests (make sure to update your API Key): mvn clean test -Pintegration -Dkillbill.payment.recurly.apiKey=1234567689abcdef
  5. Go to your Recurly account, you should see some data (e.g. account created).
  6. Congrats! You're all set!


To build the project, use maven:

mvn clean install