Kill Bill versioning

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Kill Bill being at its core a platform to build billing and payment systems, it is built out of dozens of libraries. For maximum flexibility, all of these dependencies are independently versioned. Fortunately, as a Kill Bill user or plugin developer, you only need to worry about a small subset.


killbill killbill-platform killbill-api killbill-plugin-api killbill-plugin-framework-ruby killbill-client-java
0.14.x 0.2.x 0.13.x 0.8.x v4.x.x 0.3.x
0.15.x 0.3.x 0.14.x 0.9.x v5.x.x 0.4.x
0.16.x 0.26.x 0.33.x 0.18.x v7.x.x 0.23.x
0.17.x 0.34.x 0.49.x 0.22.x v8.2.x 0.39.x
0.18.x 0.36.x 0.50.x 0.23.x v8.3.x 0.40.x

Note: jruby.jar follows the killbill-platform versioning.

Kill Bill server

The development team uses odd minor numbers for developing new features (0.9.x, 0.11.x, etc.). Use only even minor numbers (0.8.x, 0.10.x, etc.) in production.

See our user guide for more details on installation and configuration.

Kaui (Kill Bill admin ui)

Rails mountable engine

See our README for more details on installation and configuration.

Standalone application

If you don't currently have a Rails installation and/or don't need to use Kaui as a mountable engine, we have started releasing self-contained wars you can deploy similar to Kill Bill.

See our README for more details.