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Xbox Media Center parental controls plugin

Select the video plugins you want to protect and the ratings you want to allow.
Supports both TV and Movie ratings. This plugin will ask for an unlock code before granting access to any content you have blocked. It works best with video plugins that supply an MPAA rating such as the bluecop hulu plugin. Video plugins which don't supply an MPAA rating will require an unlock code to view any content. Entering the code will unlock the parental controls for 5 minutes.


Download the zip file from

and place it in a location you can browse to from Xbox Media Center. In XBMC, go to System -> Settings -> Addons -> Install from zip file. Browse to the zip file you downloaded and install it.


In XBMC, go to Programs -> Parental Controls. The first time you will need to choose a code. Once you are in, you can select the video plugins you wish to protect and the ratings you will allow. At that point, you can browse your video plugins and it will block restricted content. Restricted content will be placed under a sub-menu that you need to enter your code to access.

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