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GET cinema21/cities *
get available cities
GET cinema21/coming-soon *
get 'coming soon' movies
GET cinema21/city/10 *
return city information, 'now playing' movies, and list of theater
GET cinema21/theater/1 *
get theater detail (address, latitude longitude, phone number, ticket price)
it's also return 'now playing' movies as well
GET cinema21/movie/1 *
return movie detail, such as:
- id
- title
- producer
- production house
- genre
- duration
- writer
- director
- player
- official website
GET cinema21/movie/1/city/10 *
return movie detail along with theater(s) who play the movie filtered by city_id
GET cinema21/movie/1/thumbs-up
get up vote counter
PUT cinema21/movie/1/thumbs-up
increase up vote counter by 1
GET cinema21/movie/1/thumbs-down
get down vote counter
PUT cinema21/movie/1/thumbs-down
decrease down vote coutner