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Samuel Killermann Curriculum Vitae

Welcome! This is the repo for my 2018 rebuild of my CV site. It's open-source, all of my contributions to the repo are uncopyrighted, and you're welcome to copy this, customize it, and deploy it for your own CV (or whatever you dream up).

I built this as an experiment on a few fronts:

  1. Learning new technologies/frameworks: in this case, that's Hugo, Netlify, and the JAMstack Methedology.
  2. Simplifying updates and adding new work samples. My old site was a custom Wordpress theme, but even that was more cumbersome than helpful at times, and prevented me from updating the site.
  3. Zero cost overhead, without compromising on server quality or traffic. Mostly inspired by my hilariously-expensive hosting costs for my main site, I really wanted to not have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to host my CV.

If there's interest, I'll write a tutorial for people who want to build a site based on mine (from soup to nuts). For now, I'll just trust that folks can poke around the Hugo and Netlify documentation, and figure things out from there.