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Pidglet 0.65

Pidglet is a Windows Sidebar Gadget that displays your Pidgin buddy
list in the Windows Vista Sidebar.

The latest version of Pidglet will always be available at:

Pidglet is free software, distributed under the GNU Public License.
See the included "gpl-3.0.txt" file for more information.

If you want support, or have a feature request, send them to me using
my website mentioned above. Buttering me up with a small donation
in appreciation of the work I put into Pidglet wouldn't hurt your
chances of getting a response ;-)

Note that this is completely untested other than on my own machine.
Your mileage may vary. Compiled for Pidgin 2.4.3.

Installation/Upgrade Guide

NOTE: Upgrading from any prior version to 0.65 requires you to
replace BOTH the Pidgin plugin and the Sidebar Gadget.

STEP I: Install the Pidgin plugin

  1. Make sure Pidgin is not running

  2. Copy the "pidglet.dll" file to your Pidgin plugins directory
     (usually C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins), replace old version
     of plugin if upgrading

  3. Run Pidgin

  4. Select "Plugins" from the Pidgin "Tools" menu

  5. Enable the checkbox next to the "Pidglet 0.65" plugin

STEP II: Install the Sidebar Gadget

  1. Double-click the "Pidglet.Gadget" file

  2. Click the "Install" button (or "Replace" button if upgrading)

  3. Drag the Pidglet Gadget to reposition as desired

If you are logged into any IM services, and completed steps I and II
in order, then you should see your buddy list appear in the Pidglet
window at this stage.

STEP III: Make the Pidgin window go away (optional)

  1. Select "Preferences" from the Pidgin "Tools" menu

  2. On the "Interface" tab, set "Show system tray icon" to "Always"

  3. Click "Close"

  4. Close the Pidgin window

Known Issues

- Only buddies will show up in the Gadget (not chats).

- Opening a new conversation when another conversation window is
  already open will not bring the new conversation to the foreground.
  (The workaround that I use is to turn off tabbed conversations.)

- No way to specify which account to use on contacts that contain
  multiple buddies.

- May open conversation with the wrong buddy if there are two buddies
  online with the same name on different accounts.

- If it's not working, and you have a non-standard Pidgin
  installation, figure out where the Pidglet plugin is saving the
  pidglet.xml file (usually in a directory called ".purple"), and put
  it in the Advanced section of the Gadget's settings.
  (Complete path to directory, no trailing slash.)

- Idle times will not display when hovering mouse over an idle buddy
  if the Gadget does not have focus. Workaround is to always click
  the Gadget title bar before checking idle times.

Version History

v0.65 (16 Jul 2008)
  - Pidgin plugin
    - Added support for "idle" status
  - Gadget
    - New ability to indicate idle buddies with different color text
    - Hovering mouse over idle buddies shows idle time if available
    - Fixed bug that would cause buddy list to remain populated with
      some contacts even when Pidgin was quit, or user went offline

v0.61 (10 Jul 2008)
  - Pidgin plugin unchanged (still version 0.5)
  - Gadget
    - Optimized CPU usage
    - Added ability to specify custom .purple directory for people
      with non-standard Pidgin installations

v0.6 (10 Jul 2008)
  - Pidgin plugin unchanged (still version 0.5)
  - Gadget
    - Added settings panel
    - Added ability to customize colors
    - Added ability to specify a fixed size for the Gadget
      (buddy list will scroll up or down based on mouse positioning)
    - Replaced old copyright notice with online buddy count

v0.5 (09 Jul 2008)
  - Initial release
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