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Revelade Revolution is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, you have limited health and ammo that you must use to survive against herds of zombies that get tougher every round.

You can also play the game locally or online in a variety of modes including Free for all, Capture the flag, Infection, Survival, Invasion, Coop edit and many more on any of the many maps available, using the player class of your choice.


Revelade is a virus in the form of a drug which causes human gene degradation. A secret organization was working on a developing an improved version of revelade, and they succeeded.

Unfortunately, the organization was infiltrated and the drug was stolen. Every government agency in the world was put on high alert. Little did they know that the drug was highly contagious and was already being distributed in the water reserviors of every major city in the world.

On March 15, 2022, the world as we know it was over. Nuclear weapons became in fashion, hundreds of cities were destroyed, but to no avail. The virus had already spread into the majority of human population and it was just a matter of time. Everyone knew apocalypse was near.

The human gene had degraded so much that every human being on the planet turned into a zombie, well almost everyone.
There was small group of survivors who called themselves The Forgotten Ones, these survivors seem to posses immunity against this virus, but no one knows the secret behind it. Now their duty is to withhold their bases long enough for them to regenerate and create an immune generation which in turn will take back the world and restore the human civilization to the way it was.

Are you up to the task of saving the world?

Revelade Revolution is based on Cube 2: Sauerbraten and is compatible with Sauerbraten maps.



Cube 2: Sauerbraten: For the base code

Edward Thomas: Project manager, maps, models and textures


Killme & Void*foo: General programming
Temperis & Chasester: General code
TheAssassin : Backend support

AssassionFreak: Weapon sound effects.




F6Zman ( - map Martial Law
B_Design - Zombie models
Donnelly - Warehouse, Grave
void*foo- Omni, Clouds
SniperGoth - Hospital, Grave remake
Killme - Factory
CrapImDead - ReInc

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.


Original credits of the Sauerbraten project code:


Wouter "Aardappel" van Oortmerssen: A lot of the general code, and the original concept and design. (
Lee "eihrul" Salzman: ENet networking library, *nix ports, and a lot of the general code, especially rendering/lightmaps/physics related. (
Mike "Gilt" Dysart: General programming, especially editing/physics related.
Robert "baby-rabbit" Pointon: GUI, particle rendering, and movie recording code, MacOSX porting. (
Quinton "quin" Reeves: Bots/AI code. Asissts with community management, documentation/wiki, and development. (

Additional Code

Julian Mayer: MacOSX ports.
Adrian "driAn" Henke: MD3 code.
Jerry Siebe: Geometry rendering optimisations.


The SDL team: For their libraries (


If you'd like to help us, use the e-mail below to contact us.
All these jobs are non-paid.
We are looking for:

- Map designers:
  If you're good at making maps, make one or as many as you want and send them to us, and if we like them, we'll include them in the official release and give you a credit.

- 3D modelers:
  If you have made new player/monster/map models, send them to us and we'll use them and give you a credit.



The Intercooler Games website:
Revelade Recolution ModDB page:
Revelade Revolution on Sourceforge:

If you found a bug, have a complaint or a proposal, or want to have some work removed, please contact us via our webpage.