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;;A demo for clj-xmemcached
(ns demo
(:require [clj-xmemcached.core :as xm]))
(def client (xm/memcached "localhost:11211"
:name "demo"
:pool 2
:hash :ketama
:protocol :binary))
(defmacro wxm
[& body]
`(xm/with-client client ~@body))
;;Store items
(xm/set "key" "dennis")
(xm/set "key" "dennis" 100)
(xm/append "key" " zhuang")
(xm/prepend "key" "hello,")
(prn (xm/get "key"))
(prn (xm/gets "key"))
;;Incr/Decr numbers
(prn (xm/incr "num" 1))
(prn (xm/decr "num" 1))
(prn (xm/incr "num" 1 0))
;;Bulk get items
(prn (xm/get "key" "num"))
;;Delete items
(xm/delete "num")
(prn (xm/get "num"))
(xm/set "num" 1)
;;delete item with CAS,only valid in binary protocol.
(xm/delete "num" (:cas (xm/gets "num")))
(prn (xm/get "num"))
;;Compare and set
(xm/set "key" "hello")
(xm/cas "key" #(str % " world"))
(prn (xm/get "key"))
(xm/cas "key" #(.hashCode %) 1)
(prn (xm/get "key"))
(prn (xm/stats))
(prn (xm/stats))