High performance, easy to use multithreaded memcached client in java.
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XMemcached is a high performance, easy to use blocking multithreaded memcached client in java. It's nio based and was carefully turned to get top performance.

News and downloads

  • Xmemcached 2.0.0 released.

    Maven dependency:



  • Supports all memcached text based protocols and binary protocols(Binary protocol supports since version 1.2.0).
  • Supports distributed memcached with standard hash or consistent hash strategy
  • Supports for JMX to allow you to monitor and control the behavior of the XMemcachedClient.Change the optimizer's factor or add/remove memcached server dynamically
  • Supports weighted server.
  • Supports connection pool.You can create more connections to one memcached server with java nio.(since version 1.2.0)
  • Supports failure mode and standby nodes.
  • Supports integrating to spring framework and hibernate-memcached.
  • High performance.
  • Supports talking with kestrel(a MQ written in scala) and TokyoTyrant


How to build project by maven?

  Type command "mvn -Dtest -DfailIfNoTests=false assembly:assembly" to build the project.Maven will download the dependencies automacly and build project.

How to run unit tests?

  The test.properties file under the src/test/resources folder is used for setting memcached test server.
  Please set test.memcached.servers property,Then run the AllTests class with jvm option "-ea".

Is Xmemcached compatible with jdk5?

 Yes,since 1.2.0-RC1,Xmemcached is compatible with jdk5.


    //New a XMemcachedClient instance
     XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
     XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to use binary protocol
     XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
     builder.setCommandFactory(new BinaryCommandFactory());
     XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to use xmemcached talking with kestrel
    XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
    builder.setCommandFactory(new KestrelCommandFactory());
    XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to store primitive type as String

    //Add or remove memcached server dynamically
    client.addServer("localhost:12001 localhost:12002");
    client.removeServer("localhost:12001 localhost:12002");

    //get operation
    String name =client.get("test");

    //set add replace append prepend gets
    client.add("hello", 0, "dennis");
    client.replace("hello", 0, "dennis");
    client.append("hello", 0, " good");
    client.prepend("hello", 0, "hello ");
    GetsResponse response=client.gets("hello");
    long cas=response.getCas();
    Obejct value=response.getValue();

    //incr decr

    client.cas("a", 0, new CASOperation() {
                    public int getMaxTries() {
                                return 1;  //max try times
                    public Object getNewValue(long currentCAS, Object currentValue) {
                                System.out.println("current value " + currentValue);
                                return 3; //return new value to update


    Map<InetSocketAddress,Map<String,String>> result=client.getStats();

    // get server versions
    Map<InetSocketAddress,String> version=memcached.getVersions();

    //bulk get
    List<String> keys = new ArrayList<String>();
    Map<String, Object> map = client.get(keys);

Enable jmx support

     java -Dxmemcached.jmx.enable=true [YourApp]

Access MBean through


Integrate to spring framework

         <bean name="memcachedClient"
                        <property name="servers">
                                  <value>localhost:12000 localhost:12001</value>

Set server's weight

  //set weight to 2

  //or through XMemcachedClientBuilder,pass a weight array to XMemcachedClientBuilder constructor
  MemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:12000 localhost:12001"),new int[]{1,3});
  builder.setSessionLocator(new KetamaMemcachedSessionLocator());
  MemcachedClient memcachedClient=builder.build();

More information see wiki pages please.



Apache License Version 2.0