Chrome extension to remind you of how much time you waste on Facebook
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Do you have severely mixed feelings about Facebook?

Sometimes I open Facebook in a new tab, scroll through a few pages, close the tab, and do the same thing about thirty seconds later. I hate this.

"PACEBOOK" is a dumb Chrome extension to help you deal with social media malaise. Simply install it, and it will unsubtly indicate how many times you've visited Facebook today. The more of your life you waste, the less subtle it gets!

AND NOW: "PACEBOOK" contains a special mode for people who leave Facebook tabs open continuously!

To install:

  • Download the contents of this repo (click the button at the top that says "ZIP").
  • Open the Extensions view in Chrome.
  • Make sure Developer mode is enabled.
  • Click "Load unpacked extension...".
  • Point the file dialog to wherever you downloaded the ZIP.
  • Enjoy?

To update:

  • Re-download the ZIP and extract it to the same place as before. (Or just $ git pull.)
  • Open the Extensions view in Chrome.
  • Find the Pacebook extension and click the link that says "Reload".
  • Accept my gratitude for using my dumb thing.