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In this example, we use Ubuntu 16.04 as our host OS and multiple supporting packages to properly support the FFmpeg install. We also added the afl-utils repo to the Docker image to support larger core nodes. Here is the Docker file that we used built to support this

Build & Deploy

  1. Pull the repo:
  2. Building the Docker image can take some time honestly, it requires an install of many dependencies and compiles of the FFmpeg project. This can be easily done like so: docker-compose up -d --build
  3. Drop into Docker image interactively using the following command: docker exec -ti <DOCKER NAME HERE> bash. This due to the image being set up in daemon mode with an entry point that will not exit upon completion.
  4. Starting your workload is easy with afl-multicore, this automates the process of starting multiple instances with nohup: python3 /afl-utils/afl-multicore -c ffmpeg_afl_scripts/afl_mc_ffmpeg.json start 12
  5. There are many ways to check the status of your workload, it can be done with afl-stats or even grep:
cd /ffmpeg_output#
cat */fuzzer_stats | grep unique_crashes | uniq
cat */fuzzer_stats | grep unique_hangs| uniq
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