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WiFi Pineapple Project Wiki

Wifi Pineapple


Most wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones have network software that automatically connects to access points they remember. This convenient feature is what gets you online without effort when you turn on your computer at home, the office, coffee shops or airports you frequent.

Simply put, when your computer turns on, the wireless radio sends out probe requests. These requests say “Is such-and-such wireless network around?” The WiFi Pineapple Mark III, powered by Jasager – German for “The Yes Man” – replies to these requests to say “Sure, I’m such-and-such wireless access point – let’s get you online!”


Jasager Guides

Compatible with WiFi Pineapple Mark III and IV devices.

Compatible with WiFi Pineapple Mark IV devices only.

Jasager Classic Guides

Compatible with WiFi Pineapple Mark I and Mark II devices.


The FAQ can be found here

##Hot Fixes

##Jasager Firmware