A turntable.fm bot based on Alain Gilbert's ttapi module for node.js.
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A Bot Named Helga

This bot is based off of Vin's Code, which is available here
It runs on node.js, usings Alain Gilbert's
ttapi library.

Setting Up

Since my bot is based off of Vin's code, you'll need to set up his
code first. So head on over to his repo, and get it set up.

Once you have Vin's code up and running, you can just come back
here and copy my files in and replace those that you already have. Easy.


autobop - Owner Command; Sets the bot to autobop (technically illegal) Useage: autobop {num/left/clear}
autobop 6] will set bot to autobop for the next 6 songs, [autobop left] will tell you how many
more song the bot will bop, and [
autobop clear] will set autobop to 0, thus clearing the autobop.

songlimit & setlimit - Sets the song limit. [*songlimit] will tell you what the song limit is, (default 0),
and *setlimit will set the song limit to num.

theme & settheme - Sets the theme. Default defined in common.js, *settheme sets the
theme to string, while theme will call the theme for use. Also will display the theme in *help.

afkcheck & setafk - AFK settings. There is a command that checks the afk time of the DJ's, and if
any are over the limit, (default 10 minutes), it will boot theme. Use *setafk to change the afk
limit to num minutes.

stagedive - The bot (if moderator) will remove the user if they are a DJ, and then display a message
giving the DJ a sendoff for when they step down.

maul - Mod Command; Useage *maul . Boots username off the decks

gtfo - Mod Command; Useage *gtfo . Boots username out of the room.

firedrill - Mod Command; boots all off decks.

shuffle - Owner Command; When shuffle mode is activated, at beginning of each song, a random dj will get kicked off the decks.

go & setgo - Owner Command; *setgo name,roomid will an entry for quick room changes. Once set, send your bot away with *go name.

Too Much?

Contact me - I offer Dedicated Bot Hosting And Management for $4/Month.