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CARBON Sequencer

This is the source code for the CARBON hardware music sequencer by Kilpatrick Audio. Please see this link for product details:

CARBON page at Kilpatrick Audio

Looking for Binaries?

If you don't want to build the code yourself but just want the latest firmware to install (no programming hardware required) just visit this link: Kilpatrick Audio Firmware Updates

Licensing / using code in your own projects


If you plan to use this code in your own projects you MUST understand the requirements of each source file you use. Some vendor-supplied files have special license restrictions. All other source files are GPL licensed. You must understand what this means, especially in regards to commercial projects.

In short: If you use any (non-ST supplied) code in your project, your entire project must be licensed and released under the GPL. If you don't agree with this please leave now and don't refer to or use any of the code here.

Developing on CARBON Hardware

You bought a CARBON and want to hack it? Yay!

Please note that any modification you do to CARBON whether hardware or software is entirely at your own risk. It IS possible to damage hardware with wrong firmware, so please be careful and read any I/O code carefully before making changes. The hardware is not open source but there are clear APIs for everything related to the physical device so that should be easy enough.

If you want to try out stuff, you will most likely need to use a JTAG interface to program and debug CARBON. The J-Link or ST-Link are both decent and support the industry-standard 20 pin (10x2) ARM JTAG connector. You will find an unpopulated connector on the corner of the mainboard inside CARBON labeled X10. Solder a pin header on here and connect it to your JTAG programmer. The rest should be obvious from reading the various scripts included with the code.

Reporting bugs

Please open an issue for each reproducible bug. Interesting and easily integrated pull requests will be considered for official releases. Feature requests should not be added one at a time. Make sure your request would make sense for most users, and keeps with the idea of the original design. Small enhancements are considered, but major redesigns are really beyond the scope of what we can consider.

IMPORTANT: Do not place multiple feature / bug requests in the same issue!


For changes please see the individual release notes.


Firmware for the CARBON hardware sequencer by Kilpatrick Audio




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