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Export your timesheet data with Kimai into several different formats

The export module allows you to export filtered timesheet data into several formats.

Difference between export and invoice

There are a couple of differences in these two Kimai modules, the most important ones:

  • Invoices can only be created for a dedicated customer, where export can be done without selecting a customer
  • Export state is saved with each timesheet record, so you can filter whether already exported items should be included or not
  • Invoices do more calculation (e.g. tax) and support self-created templates (e.g. XLSX, ODS, DOCX)
  • Invoices set duration to 1 in case of a fixed rate, export shows the real duration

Security and privacy

{% include alert.html type="danger" alert="The export extension DOES NOT check permissions, as this would defeat the purpose of an export." %}

So giving a user the permission to export data allows to basically see everything inside Kimai. So all customer, projects, activities, all hourly rates, the personal time worked and the money earned becomes visible!

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