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Rest API
Access your time-tracking data via the REST API with Kimai

Read the Swagger documentation of the Kimai 2 API in your Kimai installation at /api/doc. As example you can have a look at the API docs for the demo installation at []({{ site.kimai_v2_demo }}/api/doc). You need to login to see them, credentials can be [found here]({% link _pages/ %}).

Or you can export the JSON collection by visiting /api/doc.json. Save the result in a file, which can be imported with Postman.


When calling the API you have to submit two additional header with every call for authentication:

  • X-AUTH-USER - holds the username or email
  • X-AUTH-TOKEN - holds the users API password, which he can set in his profile

{% include alert.html type="danger" alert="Make sure to ONLY call the Kimai 2 API via https to protect the users data. Time-tracking data includes very private and sensitive information!" %}

Calling the API with Javascript

If you develop your own extension and need to use the API for logged-in user, then you have to set the header X-AUTH-SESSION which will allow Kimai to use the current user session and not look for the default token based API authentication.

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