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Theme related configuration and developer documentation for Kimai

Kimai uses the AdminLTE theme which can be configured in the file config/packages/admin_lte.yaml. You find the theme specific documentation here.

All Kimai specific theme settings will be available in the twig templates with the global kimai_context key, e.g.

{% raw %}{{ kimai_context.box_color }}{% endraw %}

Searchable input types

The select boxes for customer, project and activity are by default the OS standard UI elements. This might be a limit for users with a long list of active and non-hidden elements.

Therefor a test is currently running, which can be activated setting the the following configuration:

        select_type: selectpicker

This will turn the select boxes into javascript elements with quick search option.

Why is this a beta test? It's not clear, if we keep on using this javascript library or activate it by default. Therefor your feedback is highly welcome, please post your opinion at GitHub.

Active entries warning

A small colored warning sign will be shown, if a user has more than X active timesheet entries.

The amount X is configured in your local.yaml with the setting timesheet.active_entries.soft_limit (see []({% link _documentation/ %})).


Kimai allows you to configure colors in several places throughout the theme.

Possible values are:

  • aqua
  • black
  • blue
  • gray
  • green
  • purple
  • red
  • yellow

Fallback color

Whenever a color is required but none is configured, Kimai uses a fallback color from the config key kimai.theme.box_color.

You can change the default color green to any one from the above in your local.yaml:

        box_color: 'blue'

The fallback color should be applied whenever an optional color is configurable by the user:

{% raw %}<div class="info-box bg-{{ color|default(kimai_context.box_color) }}"></div>{% endraw %}


Kimai allows you to configure icons in several places (provided by Font Awesome 5) and ships with a pre-defined list of icon aliases to guarantee a consistent look.

The pre-defined icons aliases are (at the time of this writing):

activity, admin, calendar, customer, create,dashboard, delete, download, duration, edit, filter, help, invoice, list, logout, manual, money, print, project, repeat, start, start-small, stop, stop-small, timesheet, trash, user, visibility

The full list can be found in this [TwigExtension]({{ site.kimai_v2_file }}/src/Twig/Extensions.php).

Icon aliases can be used by applying the icon filter, e.g.

{% raw %}<i class="{{ 'money'|icon }}"></i>{% endraw %}
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