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Kimai 1 is tracking your times since 2007
Kimai v1 resources - upgrade infos, documentation and links
Oldie but goldie!
Kimai v1
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Download 1.3.1 GitHub Demo PDF manuals Applications

Server requirements

Kimai 1 requires at least:

  • MySQL 4.3 or higher
  • PHP 5.5 or higher
  • Required PHP extensions: mysqli, iconv and xml


  1. Use a modern Browser
  2. You need at least PHP 5.5 and access to a MySQL database.
  3. Start your browser and go to your Kimai directory.
  4. Kimai has a step-by-step installer, just follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: Remove the installer directory when you’ve successfully installed Kimai.

Please read the complete [installation docu]({% link _v1/ %}) for more details.


Please see the [Update documentation]({% link _v1/ %}) for more information on how to update to a newer version of Kimai.


Kimai 1 is not maintained any longer by @kevinpapst. But Simon is still trying to keep it alive:

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Documentation chapters

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More downloads

  • Kimai v2 releases can be found at our [GitHub release page]({{ site.kimai_v2_repo }}/releases)
  • And historical versions for v1 on the archived download page{:rel="nofollow"}
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