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Artwork Inventory

Welcome to Art Archive!

I created this app because I collect artwork from my great-grandfather (he was an artist and graphic designer in the 50s-60s in Chicago), as well as pieces I've purchased from travels abroad. I wanted a central repository to easily track the artwork I own as well as its details.

Main functionality:

  1. Adding new artwork (including image upload to Cloudinary)
  2. View artwork collection
  3. View artwork detail
  4. Edit artwork
  5. Delete artwork

Future functionality:

  1. Down the road, I would like to create the functionality for users to "follow" other user's specific pieces of artwork. The reason for this is because many of my family members have my great-grandfather's artwork, and we don't know who has what piece(s).
  2. I would also like to create functionality that would allow users to give authorization to other users to add notes about pieces of artwork. For example, my aunt has a lot of details in her memory about some of the pieces I have from my great-grandfather. I would love for her to add notes to the pieces so I can know more about the history of the piece.
  3. I am also working on a Django REST API - I will be connecting this frontend app to that API, replacing the json-server.
App Screenshots

View your artwork collection

Artwork Inventory

Artwork details

Artwork Inventory

Add new artwork (or edit existing artwork)

Artwork Inventory

View artwork by specific artist

Artwork Inventory


Art Archive is a front-end application built with React, Bootstrap, and Cloudinary to store images. All data is user-generated and stored in a json-server database.

To Clone

Clone the repo to your computer and run npm install in the directory

Start the json-server:

  1. cd into api folder
  2. run json-server -p 5001 -w db.json

When you're ready to start the server:

  1. make sure you are in the root folder (same level as
  2. run npm start

This will run the app in the development mode.
Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser. Data will be served from the main API hosted online.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


ReactJS app to record your artwork collection




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