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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import re
import time
from os import environ
import pytest
from axe_selenium_python import Axe
def axe(selenium, base_url):
"""Return an Axe instance based on context and options."""
yield PytestAxe(selenium)
def pytest_addoption(parser):
parser.addoption("--axe", action="store_true", default=False,
help="run accessibility tests only")
def pytest_collection_modifyitems(config, items):
if config.getoption("--axe"):
# --axe in cli: run accessibility tests and skip others
skip_not_a11y = pytest.mark.skip(reason="run accessibility tests only.")
for item in items:
if "accessibility" not in item.keywords:
skip_a11y = pytest.mark.skip(reason="need --axe to run accessibility tests")
for item in items:
if "accessibility" in item.keywords:
def run_axe(page, context=None, options=None, impact=None):
axe = PytestAxe(page.selenium, None, context, options, impact)
class PytestAxe(Axe):
def __init__(self, selenium, script_url=None, context=None, options=None, impact=None):
super(PytestAxe, self).__init__(selenium)
self.context = context
self.options = options
self.impact = impact
def report(self, violations):
Return readable report of accessibility violations found.
:param violations: Dictionary of violations.
:type violations: dict
:return report: Readable report of violations.
:rtype: string
string = ''
string += 'Found ' + str(len(violations)) + ' accessibility violations:'
for violation, rule in violations.items():
string += '\n\n\nRule Violated:\n' + rule['id'] + ' - ' + rule['description'] + \
'\n\tURL: ' + rule['helpUrl'] + \
'\n\tImpact Level: ' + rule['impact'] + \
for tag in rule['tags']:
string += ' ' + tag
string += '\n\tElements Affected:'
i = 1
for node in rule['nodes']:
for target in node['target']:
string += '\n\t' + str(i) + ') Target: ' + target
i += 1
for item in node['all']:
string += '\n\t\t' + item['message']
for item in node['any']:
string += '\n\t\t' + item['message']
for item in node['none']:
string += '\n\t\t' + item['message']
string += '\n\n\n'
return string
def get_rules(self):
"""Return array of accessibility rules."""
response = self.selenium.execute_script('return axe.getRules();')
return response
def run(self):
"""Inject aXe, run against current page, and return rules & violations."""
data = self.execute(self.context, self.options)
violations = dict((rule['id'], rule) for rule in data['violations'] if self.impact_included(rule))
return violations
def impact_included(self, rule):
"""Filter violations with specified impact level or higher."""
impact = self.impact
if impact == 'minor' or impact is None:
return True
elif impact == 'moderate' & rule['impact'] != 'minor':
return True
elif impact == 'serious':
if rule['impact'] == 'serious' or rule['impact'] == 'critical':
return True
elif impact == 'critical' and rule['impact'] == 'critical':
return True
return False
def analyze(self):
"""Run aXe accessibility checks, and write results to file."""
violations =
# Format file name based on page title and current datetime.
t = time.strftime("%m_%d_%Y_%H:%M:%S")
title = self.selenium.title
title = re.sub('[\s\W]', '-', title)
title = re.sub('(-|_)+', '-', title)
# Output results only if reporting is enabled.
if environ.get('ACCESSIBILITY_REPORTING') == 'true':
# Write JSON results to file if recording enabled
self.write_results('%s_%s.json' % (title, t), violations)
assert len(violations) == 0,