Health control artefacts for Grails. Implement simple checks to verify the sanity of databases, remote services and other fragile things. The results will show up on a simple dashboard.
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Grails Health Control

Health control artefacts for Grails. Implement simple checks to verify the sanity of databases, remote services and other fragile things. It's all about monitoring and verifying as many assumptions as possible before they bite you in the ass.. The results will show up on a simple dashboard.

The whole thing is heavily inspired by the awesome Metrics library by Yammer.


Access control

The plugin supports simple access restriction out of the box. This can be configured by adding the following snippet to your configuration. The health control can then be accessed by adding ?secret=xxx to the url. Anything more fancy / secure then this is way outside the scope of this plugin. Have a look at Spring Security or Shiro if you feel that you need more security.

healthControl {
    secret = "my-secret"

The main (only) concept

Automated "health control" is the only concept in the plugin. Each implementation has to implement the HealthControl interface, the name has to end with HealthControl and be placed in a health-controls folder under grails-app.

Each implementation must be given a short and concise, single line name, description + a configured timeout in milliseconds. The execute method have to return a StateOfHealth instance.

The health of whatever is being monitored can be healthy, frail or dead.

Important: When a health control exeeds its timeout a best effort will be made to interrupt it, but if the implementation doesn't handle interrupts it might keep running in the background!

Http status codes

The endpoint will return with a http 200 Ok response if all checks are okay or fragile, 501 Not Implemented if no health controls are implemented and finally 500 Internal Service Error if one or more health controls fails or returns the dead code.

Content negotiation - Alternative data formats

Provided that you've configured Grails with mime types for content type negotiation you can (in theory) request json and xml in addition to html by passing the appropriate Accept header with your request. Although, in practice the content negotiation support in Grails seems to be fairly fragile / broken when it comes to dealing with the accept header so you might have to add .json to the request path like ../your/path/healthControl.json?secret=....


Health Control ideas

Feel free to add your idea to the list or send a pull request with an implementation!

  • Write / read to database, no-sql or old fashioned
  • Ping external soap / rest services (SLAs..)
  • Check external service usage quotas
  • Available disk space
  • Verify that storage folders can be written to
  • Jvm thread deadlocks

Pro tip: Free monitoring with Google App Script

It's pretty straight forward to write a Google App Script that periodically polls the dashboard and notifies you via email, or even phone using a service like Twilio when the Health Control Dashboard page returns a non 200 status code.


All your health control implementations goes into grails-app/health-controls/com/company/.../xxxHealthControl.groovy.

import com.developerb.healthcontrol.HealthControl
import com.developerb.healthcontrol.StateOfHealth

import static com.developerb.healthcontrol.StateOfHealth.*

class ArithmeticHealthControl implements HealthControl {

    String name = "Arithmetic"
    String description = "Basic arithmetic health controls"
    Long timeoutMillis = 50

    StateOfHealth execute() {
        if (2 + 2 == 4) {
            healthy("Everything is alright with the universe")
        else if (2 + 2 > 3 && 2 + 2 < 5) {
            frail("Our integers are confused...")
        else {
            dead("Oh my, arithmetic is broken!")


Ps! Implementing the HealthControl interface has been optional since 0.4.

Roadmap, bugs and things to do before version 1.0

  • Add some common / sample health control implementations either via abstract classes or as templates installable with a script.