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Hyperlocal, immediate communal goods sharing app
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Rakefile is an instantaneous and hyperlocal communal sharing application that seeks to digitize the process of having and being a good neighbor. It connects users to their geographic neighbors by allowing them to 'ping' their neighbors when they are in need of any kind of help, service, or good (think sugar or flour). Neighbors are notified via e-mail, and have the option of being a good neighbor and responding to the request. Requesters matched to requests are able to chat with one another via our built-in chat system to coordinate the logistics of fulfilling the said request. is built on Ruby on Rails, with RESTful design in mind. RSpec, FactoryGirl, and CircleCov were used for testing. The Pusher gem was used to leverage WebSocket for the built-in chat system.

As for the front end, we implemented Zurb Foundation for a sleek, mobile-first, responsive experience. JavaScript (JQuery, AJAX) were leveraged, along with WebSocket, were used for a snappy UX.

Team Members: Chanyoung Kim, Steven Leiva, Sarah O'Shea

###Getting Started

Log onto the app using your Google Plus account at

Upon first login, you will be prompted for your address. For a sampling, join the DBC community at 48 Wall St. New York, NY 10005.

###License is released under the MIT License

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