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Kimchi 2.5 depends on Wok 2.5! So make sure to have both of them properly installed in your system.

This release includes:
✔ Does not depend on Ginger Base anymore
✔ Remove OpenSans fonts need
✔ Move federation feature to Wok
✔ Bug fixes

We have worked hard to ensure that Kimchi runs well on the most popular Linux distributions including: Fedora 25, Ubuntu 17.04, openSUSE LEAP 42.2, and CentOS 7. It uses standard Linux interfaces so it should run well on many other distributions too.

Quick guide on how to install

Download Wok and Kimchi packages available below and:

Fedora and CentOS

sudo yum install <wok.rpm> <kimchi.rpm>


sudo zypper install <wok.rpm> <kimchi.rpm>

Ubuntu and Debian

sudo dpkg -i <wok.deb> <kimchi.deb>

# If your system DOES NOT HAVE all the dependencies installed, THE ABOVE COMMAND WILL FAIL.
# To fix it and install the dependencies needed, run:
sudo apt-get install -f

Start the service and enjoy!

sudo service wokd start

Access it at https://<machine-ip>:8001
For troubleshooting, check https://github.com/kimchi-project/wok/wiki/Troubleshooting