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Ordered model field for django
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A django field to make it easy to order your model instances. If you have made an ordered list and you change the position of the list item instance then all the other list iteminstances belonging to that list has their position automatically updated to keep the list ordered without holes and list items with duplicate positions. OrderedField field is a global ordering field for the entire table. OrderedCollectionField order instances with respect to one or more other fields on the instance.


  • python>=3.6 (Probably works with all python 3 versions, but not guaranteed)
  • django>=2.0


The full documentation is at


Install django-ordered-field:

pip install git+

In your add the field you want OrderedField or OrderedCollectionField:

from django_ordered_field import OrderedField

class YourModel(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    order = OrderedField()

And your ready to go.


  • OrderedField will keep correct ordering between all instances in the enire table
  • OrderedCollectionField can seperate the table in different collection based on one or more columns and keep order in each collection
  • update_auto_now will update all other fields containing auto_now=True with if it is set to True
  • extra_field_updates can be used to update other fields when their order is changed
  • self_updates_on_collection_change can be used to update self (current instance) when it changes collection. Setting self_updates_on_collection_change_like_regular to True will make it use the values from the extra_field_updates


  • Must user queryset methods does not work
  • Order field cant be unique or in an uniqu_togheter constraint
  • After a position has been updated, other members of the collection are updated using a single SQL UPDATE statement, this means the save method of the other instances won't be called. As a partial work-around use the update_auto_now, extra_field_updates and the self_updates_on_collection_change functionalities.


Based on django-positions (it did not work for django 2 at the time):

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