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A Bulletin Board Program with

  • Spring MVC
  • MyBatis-Spring
  • Spring-Security
  • Bean Validation
  • i18n
  • Apache Tiles

Database Design (The member and authorities tables are not used, but are created for the program updates.)

mysql --user=root --password mysql

create user 'java'@'%' identified by 'school';
grant all privileges on *.* to 'java'@'%';

create database javaskool;

mysql --user=java --password javaskool

create table member (
    email varchar(60) PRIMARY KEY,
    passwd varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    name varchar(20) NOT NULL,
    mobile varchar(20)

create table authorities (
    email VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
    authority VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT fk_authorities FOREIGN KEY(email) REFERENCES member(email)

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ix_authorities ON authorities(email,authority); 

create table board (
    boardcd varchar(20),
    boardnm varchar(40) NOT NULL,
    boardnm_ko varchar(40) NOT NULL,
    constraint PK_BOARD PRIMARY KEY(boardcd)

create table article (
    articleno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    boardcd varchar(20),
    title varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    content text NOT NULL,
    email varchar(60),
    hit bigint,
    regdate datetime,
    constraint PK_ARTICLE PRIMARY KEY(articleno),
    constraint FK_ARTICLE FOREIGN KEY(boardcd) REFERENCES board(boardcd)

create table comments (
    commentno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    articleno int,
    email varchar(60),
    memo varchar(4000) NOT NULL,
    regdate datetime,
    constraint PK_COMMENTS PRIMARY KEY(commentno)

create table attachfile (
    attachfileno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    filename varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    filetype varchar(255),
    filesize bigint,
    articleno int,
    email varchar(60),
    filekey varchar(255),
    creation datetime,
    constraint PK_ATTACHFILE PRIMARY KEY(attachfileno)

insert into board values ('chat','Chat','수다');

create table views (
  no int primary key AUTO_INCREMENT,
  articleNo int,
  ip varchar(60),
  yearMonthDayHour char(10),
  unique key (articleNo, ip, yearMonthDayHour)

How to run (The file upload test is only available in the Java 8 environment.)

mvn appengine:run

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