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A Bulletin Board Program with

  • Spring MVC
  • MyBatis-Spring
  • Spring-Security
  • Bean Validation
  • i18n
  • Apache Tiles

Database Design (The member and authorities tables are not used, but previous versions used these tables, so I did not remove them.)

mysql --user=root --password mysql

create user 'java'@'%' identified by 'school';
grant all privileges on *.* to 'java'@'%';

create database javaskool;

mysql --user=java --password javaskool

create table member (
    email varchar(60) PRIMARY KEY,
    passwd varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    name varchar(20) NOT NULL,
    mobile varchar(20)

create table authorities (
    email VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
    authority VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT fk_authorities FOREIGN KEY(email) REFERENCES member(email)

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ix_authorities ON authorities(email,authority); 

create table board (
    boardcd varchar(20),
    boardnm varchar(40) NOT NULL,
    boardnm_ko varchar(40) NOT NULL,
    constraint PK_BOARD PRIMARY KEY(boardcd)

create table article (
    articleno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    boardcd varchar(20),
    title varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    content text NOT NULL,
    email varchar(60),
    hit bigint,
    regdate datetime,
    constraint PK_ARTICLE PRIMARY KEY(articleno),
    constraint FK_ARTICLE FOREIGN KEY(boardcd) REFERENCES board(boardcd)

create table comments (
    commentno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    articleno int,
    email varchar(60),
    memo varchar(4000) NOT NULL,
    regdate datetime,
    constraint PK_COMMENTS PRIMARY KEY(commentno)

create table attachfile (
    attachfileno int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    filename varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    filetype varchar(255),
    filesize bigint,
    articleno int,
    email varchar(60),
    filekey varchar(255),
    creation datetime,
    constraint PK_ATTACHFILE PRIMARY KEY(attachfileno)

create table views (
  no int primary key AUTO_INCREMENT,
  articleNo int,
  ip varchar(60),
  yearMonthDayHour char(10),
  unique key (articleNo, ip, yearMonthDayHour)

How to run (The file upload test is only available in the Java 8 environment.)

mvn appengine:run


Even if you are logged in as an administrator, the Admin may not be displayed in the main menu. This is due to the unique characteristics of the Datastore. The Admin menu will appear shortly. You can use this menu to create a new bulletin board.


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