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The ZFX-Community Engine Version 2

This is the git repository of the ZFX-Community Engine 2. The ZFX-Community-Engine Version 2 is the second try to build a well designed game engine, which is easy to use. It is using a multi-threaded approach to be able to use multi-threaded hardware for this job. It started as a learning project to get some ideas how to deal with multi-core CPU's


  • Supported platforms:

    • Win32 ( working )
    • Linux ( in progress )
  • Infrastructure:

    • CMake-based build system
    • Basic logging system
    • Script-based configuration system ( based on lua )
    • Containers: Array, List
    • Math lib supporting the types: vector2, vector3, vector4, matrix4x4, quat
    • Event-based messaging
    • Threading support
    • Resource system
    • Message-passing for multi-thread communication
    • Input-system for your own applications
    • Scripting via integrated lua interpreter
    • XML-support
    • Build your own entitiy properties using components
  • RenderSystem:

    • Multi-threaded rendering support
    • OpenGL4 renderer, supports
      • texturing ( 1D, 2D )
      • Shader support
    • Supports the following model format using Asset Importer Library ( tested ):
      • obj
      • 3ds
      • X
  • Application:

    • Base-classes for your own applications.
    • Trackball for easy model handling

Get the source code

You can get the code from our git repository, which is located at GitHub. Visit our project page at

to learn more. You need a git client ( for instance offers a nice one with a GUI for windows ). Install it and get the source from the git-repo. You can also get the source-code of the ZFXCE2 as a Zip-archive directly from the GiHub-website.

Get pre-build binaries

Currently we do have released any stable versions. Try the git-repo instead.

Build the engine from scratch

At first you need an installed CMake. CMake is a generator for several build environments for a lot of operation systems. We are using this tool because it is much easier to maintenance only on generator file instead of several build systems for windows, linux, MacOS whatever. You can download it at

If CMake is installed and the path to it is part of the PATH-environment ( under windows ) open a new console and go into your ZFXCE2-root directory and type

cmake CMakeLists.txt

CMake will now generate workspaces for your favorite build environment ( like a Visual Studio-Workspaces, if you are a Windows user and the Visual-Studio is your preffered tool ). CMake offers several build-envronment generators as welll. To get an overview of all supported generators just type cmake in your console to get a list with all supported commands and code generators.

Now you can start to build the engine. For instance if you are using the Visual studio you will find a workspace called ZFXCE.sln. Open this and select the "Build all" option. Now the build will start and hopefully everything will be compiled.

When the build is done and no error has occurred you will find the binaries at


If you have any issues with building the ZFX-Communiy-Engine we will very happy to hear about them. You can use the help-foum ( see ) to get help or report a bug. Or you can use our mailing-list to get support.

Where can you find us?

Visit us at


Kim Kulling :

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