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A new design for Perlmonks that is just like the old design
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Latest commit be9bdb2 @kimmel More rendering bugs.


Screenshots of websites with interesting mobile features.

html5shiv.js - Fixes IE 6.x to 8x HTML5 support

modernizr_shiv.js - Fixes IE 6.x to 8x HTML5 support, plus media queries

assets from the current PerlMonks design.

These files are stock from the columnal 0.85 release. Do not edit them


build.css - Is for prototyping and page debugging only. This file is not
meant to be loaded on a production site.

columnal.css - A css reset followed by the fuild grid definition.

custom.css - This makes the site look like PerlMonks.

*ie* - Any CSS files with 'ie' in the file name are Internet Explorer 
only. These files only get loaded if the client is Internet Explorer.
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