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Busse API for all cities.
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Busse API

Gathers real time data from external APIs and serves the data in standard format for Busse application. The external APIs use SIRI standard.

This API fetches newest data from original APIs in 1000ms interval.


  • Reliable
  • Fast on bad network
  • Works offline
  • Indicates the freshness of data



  • Node.js express app
  • Written in ES6
  • Mocha for testing
  • Winston for logging

API Endpoints

  • GET /vehicles List real time locations of vehicles


    All parameters are optional

    • area One or multiple areas. Valid values: helsinki, tampere, oulu,

    • line One or multiple vehicle lines. Format: <area>:<line>, e.g. helsinki:1

    • bounds Array of latitude and longitude coorinates to form a polygon, which limits the area where to return vehicles. This is an array of points. Format for single coordinate: <lat>:<lng>. Example request: ?bounds=61.4976153:23.7662998&bounds=62.4976153:23.7662998&bounds=61.4976153:23.7662998&bounds=60.4976153:21.7662998.

      This can be used to reduce amount of data transferred on each request. Minimum of 3 points must be given. Most common use case is to give boundaries of view port of the map.

  • GET /areas List possible areas

  • GET /messages List all Busse messages

Response objects


Field Type Description
id String Vehicle identifier. Example: TKL_34
type String Type of the vehicle. Valid values: bus, train, ferry, tram, subway, cluster. Example: bus
area String Vehicle area. Example: helsinki
line String Vehicle line id. Example: 90M
latitude Number Latitude coordinate. Example: 61.5192917
longitude Number Longitude coordinate. Example: 23.6257467
rotation Number Rotation of a vehicle. 0 to 360. 0 means the vehicle is stopped. East would be 90. Example: 12.
resopnseTime Date Indicates when the external API responded the vehicle. Example: 2015-09-03T22:09:28.883Z.

Example object:

    "id": "PAUNU_165",
    "type": "bus",
    "line": "1A",
    "latitude": 61.471807,
    "longitude": 23.756158,
    "rotation": 41,
    "responseTime": "2015-09-03T22:13:17.274Z",
    "area": "tampere"


Field Type Description
id String Area identifier. Example: helsinki
name String Name of the area. Example: Helsinki
lines Array Array of line objects.
latitude Number Latitude coordinate for area center. Example: 61.5192917
longitude Number Longitude coordinate for area center. Example: 23.6257467

Example object:

  "id": "helsinki",
  "name": "Helsinki",
  "lines": [{"id": "1A", "type": "bus"}],
  "latitude": 61.4976153,
  "longitude": 23.7662998


Field Type Description
id String Line identifier. Example: 90M
type String Vehicle type which drives the line. Valid values: tram, subway, rail, bus, ferry, cablecar, gondola, funicular.

Example object:

  "id": "1A",
  "type": "bus"


Field Type Description
id String Message identifier. Example: 1
expires Date Date when the message expires. If null, the message never expires
html String HTML for the message.

Example object:

  "id": "1",
  "expires": "2015-09-06T11:48:36.035Z",
  "html": "Busse is temporarily using HERE maps. <a href=''>Read more:<a>"

Error handling

When HTTP status code is 400 or higher, response is in format:

  "error": "Internal Server Error"

When HTTP status code is below 400, there might be still errors with different adapters. These errors are defined in the following format:


  "errors": [
      {"adapter": "tampere", "error": "Empty response from original server"},
      {"adapter": "helsinki", "error": "Some error"}
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