GUI wireless 802.11 penetration tool
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Gerix WiFi Cracker 2018


This tool has been re-written to run on Kali (2018.1)


apt-get install qt4-dev-tools


  • Add a updater for the tool.

  • Add a WPS tab + support for WPS cracking (Reaver / Bully, or support for both)

  • Consider renaming the project?

  • Change deprecated "iwconfig" with the use of "iw"

  • Consider adding "hashcat" GPU cracking option.

  • WPA handshake capture is slow, considering enhancement to it. wifite2 got a VERY FAST handshake capturing method, consider using that code.

  • Fix new graphics.


To launch the program use: $ python


NOTE: For copy and paste in xterm windows you can use the shortcuts CTRL-INS and SHIFT-INS. In alternative, you can select the text with the mouse, and use the third button of the mouse to paste it. On a laptop you can emulate the third button pressing the first and the second button together.