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Code written by Nicolas Kim, graduate student in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, blah blah).

You can specify a filename for a PNG file you want to "data-ify."

You might have to mess with the parameters a bit. As defaults, I've included some sensible ones and the "CMU" wordmark.

Works with PNG image files.


  1. filename - a string, i.e. "CMU.png".

  2. seednum - your favorite random seed. I recommend setting par(mfrow=c(something, else)) and testing a whole bunch of different seed values simultaneously.

  3. propscreen - proportion of pixels in the original image that are stochastically removed from the pixel matrix.

  4. varamt - the pixels remaining after the propscreen are then pushed in a random direction according to a rounded Gaussian distribution with your favorite standard deviation.

  5. writename - if NULL, calling the function won't write the output to disk. Or, you can give it a filename for the output image.