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This is a basic bingo calling web app, written in Rails 3.

The aim is for it to run on the iPad, anywhere else is a bonus, for now.

Test site on Heroku is here 

To play a game, its expected that the players will have bingo cards and markers.  This site will then track the balls called, who has won and winnings, if played for money.

Conversion to Backbone/Coffeescript - core is done, working on peripheral items

- louder sounds, eg via audacity
- multiple clients to same game, only one advances it, pushes updates to others

- make summary tab dynamic as well

- delete player from a game is not working, buttons disables but no page reload

- flash notice/error not appearing correctly
- added rails admin, which lets logged in users view everything, need to amend it to provide a scoped view, ie only users sessions/games etc.
- audio skipping intermittently on safari, maybe a browser bug...

To Do
- no auto page reload when mouse is moving (perhaps need 5seconds or so quiet time before starting)

- joint/multiple winners (currently all db/views assume only 1 person can win - this is not true)

- track what people put into kitty, eg if no change - for example Joe only has a fiver, no coins, track his money
- option to void line/house (basically, there is no winner, carry forward prize pool to next game)

- remove tabs, fit players/summary all on one page
- error message when no players defined if trying to do winner of line/house
- ability to amend who won a game/line
- ability to amend the prizes per game 
- show net winnings (money won less money spent )
- show winnings per game
- in general, user can see if session is public or their own
- can use edit/nextball only if its the current users game
- only allow creater of game to advance to next ball
- honour public/private game flag, only show your games and public games

- want different layout/font size for ipad vs web - how to do that?

- players tracked by session, perhaps track by caller.

- how to mix ruby/coffee - coffee.erb?

- ensure auto/page reload only happens after number is called/audio

- validate max number on game
- better message when all numbers called

- put last number in a ball

- allow to create/upload new sound files from website... how to check the sounds are good/valid...

- support for oauth/openid

- mp3s dont seem to be working in firefox... (firefox/mp3 compat issue)


- landing page
-- if logged in, shows your sessions and public ones
-- option to start new game (in a new session) or new game in existing session

-- if not logged in, shows public sessions, can view the games in the sessions
-- options to sign in/up


A rails3 web app that does the job of a bingo caller at bingo






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