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This app is largely the Samsung sample video player Smart TV app with a few tweaks:
- its a middleman based template for several apps, covering various channels on British Tech Network -
- the variations are handled by alternate data configs in the data directory, eg data/mac and data/photo.
- the SITE variable controls which site is built.  The default is the mac one. To build an other, do:
    SITE=photo middleman build
- see the directories in the data directory for the available sites.

DF-120908-31626-12TV-6Group	- if go full screen then start playing episode, video is not full screen - should be. Or disable option for
full screen until episode is playing...
Also if go full screen, then <return> should go to first page, but app exits.  Doesnt do this on emulator :(

DF-120908-31627-12TV-6Group - screensaver kicks in if no user input after 15 mins.  Try to disable it.  //added calls, but the plugin gives
error when re-enabling screensaver, so might not work... " [JS ALERT]:  Common.API.PlugIn >> Plugin is not embeded yet. Check out index.html"

DF-120908-31630-12TV-6Group - error message should be shown when no network connection available.
- OnNetworkDisconnected // in place for player, test it? Doesnt work in emulator and assume doesnt work on TV, given this bug :(
- getAvailableNetworks // not used, yet
- CheckHTTP // called on startup, displays error, yet

Mute - seems to not work, there are calls like this in the code - SetSystemMute , review them

- when testing against local feed app locks up/does not work - perhaps due to local apache not "streaming" the file as expected

- see if Samsung approves it...

- show the episode date so its clear how new/old it is
- track/indicate (via cookies?) what user has watch/not watched
- episode number X / Y is going to 2 lines on 3.5.2/2012 emulator
- if no episodes, put up message to that effect (probably not needed)
- if episode fails to load, put up message saying that