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WoW Activity Feed

Build Status via Travis CI


If you want the site/feed filler text in your language (not English) - you can help here:

WoW Activity Chrome Extension -


  • docker-compose up mongolab code web
  • logs held on host system.
  • install sysstat and replace_text 'ENABLED="false"', 'ENABLED="true"', '/etc/default/sysstat'
  • apache front end to app, like on prod
  • try on docker VM
  • twitter working? YUP
  • how to ensure tidy images/containers --rm?
  • test1/mongo- DONE, can connect/data persists
  • test2/node, with npm - DONE
  • PROD, mongo (continue from prev session), node, source, npm packages, run app
  • DEV/cli-dev - DONE
  • DEV/unit tests, mongo (empty/ok, diff db), node, npm packages, coffee compile, mocha run tests/watch code (mount source for quick re-run) run tests
  • DEV/run app: mongo (continue from prev session), node, npm packages, (mount source for quick re-run) run app


MongoDB To have launchd start mongodb at login: ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/mongodb/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents Then to load mongodb now: launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb.plist Or, if you don't want/need launchctl, you can just run: mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf

Using old mongo/node MongoDB shell version: 2.4.12 $ node -v / v0.10.40

Using NGINX...

deploy via passenger - set env vars via mod_env require all granted error -

Machine learning

  • suggest kit to get, based off what other toons are getting (of similar level/type/focus)
  • spot anomalies
  • activity over time, busy/quiet periods, whats hot this week


jsondiff giving intermittent erros, not sure what its affecting - ERROR: jsdiff.unpatch:Error: reverse failed -

enable gzip on requests to armory/ - not working - maybe now -

do cross realm guilds work, ie does it get realm from member list or assume same as guild are we handling multi-realm guilds?

realm reloading

  • review changes made - any o/s issues?
  • cater for removed realms
  • currently deletes all and then loads whats good
  • maybe do it per region, load region, if seems ok, delete existing and save

continuous char loads

  • does search/new member/guild work ok?
  • intermittent crashes? did a fix, but could be due to no data returned, leading to requeue failing. Maybe go back to db to do requeues eg on drain, although only started when went to having 2 threads...
  • how to handle not found chars, drop from queue until next restart (but then most probably due to guild membership) - have a 'failed' list
  • how does current server trigger restart? via log rotation
  • seems to be crashing intra day - but at least restarting ok
  • indicate how long a pass through is taking, perhaps on stats page, but how - dummy entry?

update related npm packages to latest

review/reduce tweets produced

use new API endpoints!!!

Analytics -


see for tips


  • last modified does not work - API issue

DONE - reforked armory remove use of forked armory, reasons for it:

  • gzip support, now in request
  • new item context (probably need to refork)
  • use https
  • new api (refork)
  • pass options onwards to request (gzip, proxy...)
  • better handle json parse errors (eg when using proxy)
  • handle auth properly
  • header date?
  • encodeURI of path

dupe errors ogs/server.log.1:[2014-06-12 17:09:57.913] [ERROR] [default] - { [MongoError: insertDocument :: caused by :: 11000 E11000 duplicate key error index: wowfeed.armory_history.$name_1_realm_1_region_1_type_1_lastModified_1_locale_1 dup key: { : "taured", : "les sentinelles", : "eu", : "member", : null, : "fr_FR" }]

Show times on website in user timezone, not always GMT

Review error logging -

Problem with unicode and app signature, maybe...

This is direct:

This is the runscope version:

I get a nicely formatted json error:

"reason": "Invalid application signature."

feed item formatting - use templates/keyed on certain fields, code then becomes a loop over the templates.

Use for picking home page selection (and sort them)

Promote Google group -!forum/wow-activity-feed

  • link on site & on twitter

Performance... multiple API scraper servers? Very Busy when doing armory calls Perhaps run several processes on same box, eg per region, at different times (so node for webapp, node for scrape and mongo)

oops - taking non-standard locales: locales/favicon.ico.json locales/robots.txt.json Need to better handle '/' path --

slugify realm names (as blizz does...) eg Ревущий фьорд should become ревущии-фьорд - would then need to normalised registered names again...

maybe guild/char names too


blizzard - more capacity or run sep sites?

  • hide most of large guilds, with a more link to see them (just hidden on page)
  • link on individual guild/member page to see all history

  • would be good to make item lookup wait for armory fetch of info... but hopefully not common... as should be loaded via char fetch process

  • link realms so can switch to appropriate locale name, eg via realm id

  • getting items not found - maybe looking for something which is not an item...

  • link from guild page/ member to their own page

  • when a search fails, provide link to armory using given details, to help find char

  • language in RSS - needed? remove or maybe use locale?

Code coverage

Put in replica set connections...

  • liquid1 keeps crashing due to index issues, raised with ISP
  • mongodump crashes/raised on google group :(
  • OpenVZ?
  • when node steps down, app not handling it - thought it did locally, but not using replset due to above issues...

Maybe... Tune wow api calls, only check for updates if they have had a recent update... Eg if no changes for days, then only check daily. Or check all first pass of the day. Second+ passes, only check those that had a change today...

Better tests!

async 0.2 - what to do to make it work...

Getting errors in logs, eg about LEAF signature?

Search issue - guild La XXVe Armée, eu realm Chants éternels - currently not finding it...

Auto reconnect to mongo?

Perhaps have a url returning num registered (0 and if db problem) - for ease of checking site health...

  • trigger restart if 0 on that url (hourly check)

Use standard char /. Guild? - Nameplates... Is there a free service doing this still?


[2013-03-13 21:19:44.640] [ERROR] [default] - [Error: no open connections] Error: no open connections at Db._executeInsertCommand (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/db.js:1789:27) at insertAll (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/collection.js:320:13) at Collection.insert (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/collection.js:92:3) at wf.StoreMongo.StoreMongo.insert (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:92:21) at wf.StoreMongo.StoreMongo.with_collection (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:317:51) at Db.collection (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/db.js:478:44) at wf.StoreMongo.StoreMongo.with_collection (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:312:28) at (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:327:16) at (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:311:19) at (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/js/store_mongo.js:91:19)

[2013-03-13 21:19:43.628] [ERROR] [default] - [Error: connection closed] Error: connection closed at Server.connect.connectionPool.on.server._serverState (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/connection/server.js:611:45) at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:126:20) at connection.on._self._poolState (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/connection/connection_pool.js:139:15) at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:99:17) at Socket.closeHandler (/home/kimptoc/public_html/wowactivityfeed/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/connection/connection.js:481:12) at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:96:17) at Socket._destroy.destroyed (net.js:358:10) at process.startup.processNextTick.process._tickCallback (node.js:244:9)

Intermittent error: - might be related to async 0.2 issue /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/connection/server.js:529 throw err; ^ Error: Callback was already called. at /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:22:31 at (/Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:95:49) at WoWLoader.ensure_registered_correct (/Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:54:62) at /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:370:28 at (/Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:203:11) at WoWLoader.store_update (/Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:51:49) at /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/wow_loader.js:369:26 at /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/call_logger.js:33:55 at /Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/js/store_mongo.js:97:59 at null. (/Users/kimptoc/Dropbox/dev/wowfeed.osx/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/collection.js:337:9)

setup new box:

  • configure driver to connect to replicaset, so that change of primary is handling automatically or just make others hidden!
  • print node/mongo version on debug page
  • check for 0 registered - alert if so

info feed = num members/guilds being checked (6 hourly) = number guild/member calls per day (daily) = link to how to use (every 6 hourly)

  • biggest guild (+number of members, by region)
  • highest rep char (by region)
  • highest level guild (by region)
  • most popular realm by chars, by guilds, by region
  • PR/lure people in - click here to find your toon...

  • D4D designs sketch/wireframe




  • kimptopanda showing achievements that they dont have...revealed all in winterspring, check in-game
  • double check feed updates vs - showing correct item?
  • existing items showing as new, why? if guild/member being accessed then it should be kept current


  • performance? seems ok after restart, removed collection caching... - GC issue or VM issue?
  • do all in memory? only persist registered/latest item from armory? limit history to n'entries...
  • details a char's titles changes?
  • some criteria cases come up blank?


  • if new character, use date of oldest feed item - so the magic bit is way back in feed! works for one char, but guild needs to look at all members... not possible now --Backups! --Review logging – make “not found” info... ---Feed messages?? --Realms etc – less frequent/more robust!
  • faq - how to use rss, with twitter, with fb, with google reader (etc), with
  • Lose copyright bit
  • Only do classes daily, ERROR: Problem finding classes for region:eu error:Daily limit exceeded : {}
  • handle quotes in item names -
  • Disable search btn while search is ongoing
  • put generic char link on search, not the timespace specific link
  • if get "not found" for character/guild, dont add to registered collection
  • allow search by name only (no realm/region) - but only look at what we have cached? Any use?
  • Handle timeout on search/json call...
  • when get errors on realms/classes/races, could leave data invalid- be more careful
  • ERROR: Problem finding realms for region:tw error:ETIMEDOUT : {"code":"ETIMEDOUT"} -
  • ERROR: Problem finding classes for region:eu error:ETIMEDOUT : {"code":"ETIMEDOUT"} -
  • ERROR: Problem finding races for region:eu error:ETIMEDOUT : {"code":"ETIMEDOUT"} -

  • search, scrape all comm sites / - did it, but is it legit??? and how to handle hundreds of results?

  • show timestamp in msg body
  • Crusader Spinlady (Ðeus lo vult) New title(s): ', Master of the Ways'

  • get duplicate key on item id - could be parallel timing thing

  • err: 'E11000 duplicate key error index: wowfeed.armory_items.$item_id_1 dup key: { : 83801 }',
  • consider grunt-reduce for express asset pipeline -
  • put 1 month expiry on items - so they get refreshed, if used, removed if not
  • change realms load to do upsert - if one region is down, then we lose all their realms :(
  • on guild page, show recent joiners/leavers
  • guild logo - is there one? - maybe
  • use last-Modified on responses, base of underlying data max last modified
  • limiting textsize needed for news feed items too, eg when lots of criteria for an achievement
  • if no registed items, armory load hangs - hamdle this case

  • for guild level changes, link to wowhead info on new level ??? and rely on official feed items for these

  • char/lastModified - feed items have later dates... means what?

  • question marks for reps - format change? vs this

  • Make feed formatting dynamic... eg like map_message

  • char++ tooltips -
  • item colours/api tips -
  • show notfound image when char images not found - home page/loaded page
  • stats, summarise loaded data - popular items/achievements, average level/rep?
  • only use elipsis when tight for space, eg on boxes on webpage
  • personalise, use image/char name
  • criteria for same date - merge?
  • show delta on rep change (eg Cartel: 2100 (+100))
  • kimptonar not updating - is there a bug in guild update tracking?
  • stats/trends, popular items/achievements etc
  • some direct update links failing, eg:
  • mention copyright/trademarks, all are blizzards
  • licence for code?
  • not found/404 handling?

  • do a "live" load of the char ?

  • search/find my char/guild?

  • search? could try all realms... or at least select region/realm and enter name - can confirm/select char...

  • just a space between parts of the text for manual feed changes, maybe use comma/full stop - re-work that class with more generic functions

  • twitter feed to facebook - just showing a link... twitterfeed config or use another way in?

  • fb to twitter, not working? using Twitter -> fb link working better, get text, no images (will twitter stop that...) (and twitterfeed to twitter)
  • or could be RSS related, does Atom/rel-alt links help?
  • options - hootsuite, twitterfeed, twitter -> fb, fb -> twitter
  • DIY/ twitter -
  • DIY/fb -

  • fix tests, wowSpec failing too much, refactor

  • need a logo! :)

  • feed/add more url/alt rel links, eg images for items/achievements etc
  • on stats page/df -h, uptime etc output?
  • put in image links for changed items on my custom feed bit (get items, display them - multiple...)
  • feed items refer to latest char info, eg level, even though at time of feed item, it might have been different - could we link feed item to relevant/best char info we have? Or just give up on historic info option... or just leave
  • Kwiks for home page update slideshow?
  • stats - show min/max accessed/archived dates and count nulls - number of error today (ideally through agg framework)
  • feed/track hunter pets, no levels, is it worth tracking names/type?
  • feed/track talents/glyphs changes
  • feed/track pvp/battleground changes, number won/lost?
  • feed/track progression/raids changes?
  • track calls to website - where are they coming from (ip, referring site, browser, ...)
  • cache class/race static for display (eg mage/orc ...)
  • about page, ...
  • install notes/how to setup this site
  • make a fb page to promote this site, eg /
  • cache latest info in memory
  • home page ,page background of faded (random) warcraft poster
    • whats site for, rss
    • and number of armory calls made today, last modified, load running
  • home page/last viewed? popular?
  • stats/oldest/newest registered updated date
  • stats/number of actual/real results (is it calls less errors and non-mod?)
  • stats/mongo db version
  • on guild web page, sort members by descending rank?
  • show guild name, if there is one on title/descript of feed
  • performance, load/feed/all pages seem slow - indexes? docs large, only select specific fields?
  • option to run for one guild only, no ability to register more people, load guilds/members from config file
  • caching? only rebuild feed once a min or so...
  • redirect load/data pages to other pages - stats/registered
  • thanks page - for all tools used :)
  • pet battle related feed, levels, achievements
  • show guild name on char feed entries, if in a guild
  • options include/exclude guildies on guild feed
  • make 30 limit on history a param
  • display category (eg Kalimdor)/ group names (eg Exploration) in achievement descriptions
  • chrome extension to give feed url for a specific battle net page, when on it
  • limits... how to restrict use?? needed?
  • highlight members with updates, maybe list of most recent updates on front page
  • put armory link in info - for errors and good entries
  • track realm status changes: eg ",Blackrock"
  • track armory import requests, date/time/requesting ip
  • feed for items?
  • feed for profession levels?


Nodefly - any use?


  • 1 week TTL for main/latest char entry, done, accessed_at
  • 1 day TTL for history items, done, archived_at
  • refresh everytime its viewed via get_history, done
  • so if not viewed or becomes history, it gets deleted
  • if char updates regularly, it will have lot of history...for 1 day

AppFog cheatsheet:

rvm use 1.8.7-p358@af-tool
rvm use ruby-1.9.2-p320@af-tool
af update waf1
af logs waf1
af crashlogs waf1
af env-add waf1 NODE_ENV=production
  • run on ubuntu for forever via npm forever forever start -l logs/forever.log -o logs/out.log -e logs/err.log app.js

  • to update npm-shrinkwrap.json, delete it and recreate it npm shrinkwrap

  • uploads via node-cron

diff using jsondiffpatch / eg jsdiff = require("jsondiffpatch") a = {} b = {} jsdiff.diff(a,b)

member or char? one window to compile coffee --compile --watch --output js/ src/ spec/ src_common coffee --compile --watch --output public/js-cs src_client src_common

another To run tests (at least on my win7 box)

mocha -t 3000 js/*Spec.js

and another to run express under nodemon, so its restarted when code changes

node_modules/.bin/nodemon app.js


download 2.* version of mongo under projecr dir, ensure these dirs exist var/lib/mongodb var/log/mongodb

then run mongo like this - assuming 2.6.12 in downloads dir ~/Downloads/mongodb-osx-x86_64-2.6.12/bin/mongod --config etc/mongodb-dev.conf

start mongo - sudo port load mongodb and maybe sudo rm /opt/local/var/db/mongodb/mongod.lock run tests - bash ./node_modules/.bin/mocha js/*Spec.js or node ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha run app - node node_modules/nodemon/nodemon app.js compile coffee - same as above

dex: dex -w -f /opt/local/var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log mongodb://localhost


ab -n 10 -c 3

Connection Times (ms) min mean[+/-sd] median max Connect: 28 35 5.4 39 44 Processing: 555 1794 1410.6 1063 3848 Waiting: 452 1700 1404.0 994 3743 Total: 599 1829 1412.5 1091 3887




Unofficial WoW fansite kit -

10gen/MMS -

perf tool -

wowhead tooltips - date format via moment -

jade - view templates - underscore -

sinon - mocks for testing - mocha - for testing - should - for testing -

html2jade tool -

heroku deploy

nodejitsu handbook