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WoW Activity Feed

SITE IS NOW OFFLINE. Its not been updated for the new Blizzard API and so will not be getting updates.

Build Status via Travis CI


If you want the site/feed filler text in your language (not English) - you can help here:

WoW Activity Chrome Extension -


  • query wow api, save diff
  • queue of items to query, able to push things into front of queue (for new website queries)
  • lookup character for website/rss feed
  • rss front end
  • web front end

see github issues for items to do/enhancements

crashing when run locally/bad data in db?

Still crashing/try node 7.5.0 - any more stable?

  • seems to be ... but node v7 not supported on ubuntu 12.04
  • need to update server...
  • tried more memory, but not helping

try guessing object size to bypass json diff issue or use other diff engines

save json object whens diff fails, see if can reproduce in small test





  • 1 week TTL for main/latest char entry, done, accessed_at

  • 1 day TTL for history items, done, archived_at

  • refresh everytime its viewed via get_history, done

  • so if not viewed or becomes history, it gets deleted

  • if char updates regularly, it will have lot of history...for 1 day

  • run on ubuntu for forever via npm forever forever start -l logs/forever.log -o logs/out.log -e logs/err.log app.js

one window to compile coffee --compile --watch --output js/ src/ spec/ src_common coffee --compile --watch --output public/js-cs src_client src_common

another To run tests (at least on my win7 box)

mocha -t 3000 js/*Spec.js

and another to run express under nodemon, so its restarted when code changes

node_modules/.bin/nodemon app.js


download 3.* version of mongo under projecr dir, ensure these dirs exist var/lib/mongodb var/log/mongodb

then run mongo like this - assuming 2.6.12 in downloads dir ~/Downloads/mongodb-osx-x86_64-2.6.12/bin/mongod --config etc/mongodb-dev.conf

start mongo - sudo port load mongodb and maybe sudo rm /opt/local/var/db/mongodb/mongod.lock run tests - bash ./node_modules/.bin/mocha js/*Spec.js or node ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha run app - node node_modules/nodemon/nodemon app.js compile coffee - same as above

dex: dex -w -f /opt/local/var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log mongodb://localhost


ab -n 10 -c 3

Connection Times (ms) min mean[+/-sd] median max Connect: 28 35 5.4 39 44 Processing: 555 1794 1410.6 1063 3848 Waiting: 452 1700 1404.0 994 3743 Total: 599 1829 1412.5 1091 3887



Unofficial WoW fansite kit -

10gen/MMS -

wowhead tooltips - date format via moment -

jade - view templates - underscore -

sinon - mocks for testing - mocha - for testing - should - for testing -

html2jade tool -

heroku deploy

nodejitsu handbook




World of Warcraft Activity Feed - node/express app using community API to track guild/char activity



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