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primesieve build instructions


You need to have installed a C++ compiler which supports C++11 (or later) and CMake β‰₯ 3.4.

macOS xcode-select --install && brew install cmake
Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt install g++ cmake
Fedora: sudo dnf install gcc-c++ cmake
openSUSE: sudo zypper install gcc-c++ cmake
Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S gcc cmake

Unix-like OSes

Open a terminal, cd into the primesieve directory and run:

cmake .
cmake --build . --parallel
sudo cmake --install .
sudo ldconfig

MinGW/MSYS2 (Windows)

Open a terminal, cd into the primesieve directory and run:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" .
cmake --build . --parallel

Microsoft Visual C++

First install Visual Studio (includes CMake) on your Windows PC. Then go to the start menu, select Visual Studio and open a x64 Command Prompt. Now cd into the primesieve directory and run the commands below:

# Use 'cmake -G' to find your Visual Studio version
cmake -G "Visual Studio 17 2022" .
cmake --build . --config Release

# Optionally install using Admin shell
cmake --install . --config Release

CMake configure options

By default the primesieve binary and the static/shared libprimesieve will be built. The build options can be modified at the configure step using e.g. cmake . -DBUILD_TESTS=ON.

option(BUILD_PRIMESIEVE  "Build primesieve binary"       ON)
option(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build shared libprimesieve"    ON)
option(BUILD_STATIC_LIBS "Build static libprimesieve"    ON)
option(BUILD_DOC         "Build C/C++ API documentation" OFF)
option(BUILD_MANPAGE     "Regenerate man page using a2x" OFF)
option(BUILD_EXAMPLES    "Build example programs"        OFF)
option(BUILD_TESTS       "Build test programs"           OFF)

option(WITH_AUTO_VECTORIZATION "Enable compiler auto-vectorization" ON)
option(WITH_MULTIARCH          "Enable runtime dispatching to fastest supported CPU instruction set" ON)
option(WITH_MSVC_CRT_STATIC    "Link primesieve.lib with /MT instead of the default /MD" OFF)

Run the tests

Open a terminal, cd into the primesieve directory and run:

cmake --build . --parallel

For developers hacking on primesieve's source code the test/ document contains more information about primesieve testing such as testing in debug mode and testing using GCC/Clang sanitizers.

C/C++ examples

Open a terminal, cd into the primesieve directory and run:

cmake --build . --parallel

API documentation

To build the primesieve C/C++ API documentation in html/PDF format you need to have installed the doxygen, doxygen-latex and graphviz (dot) packages.

cmake -DBUILD_DOC=ON .
cmake --build . --target doc

Man page regeneration

primesieve includes an up to date man page at doc/primesieve.1. That man page has been generated from doc/primesieve.txt using the a2x program from the asciidoc package. However when packaging primesieve for e.g. a Linux distro it is recommended to regenerate the man page.

# Build man page using a2x program (asciidoc package)
cmake --build . --parallel