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Changes in version 7.5

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kimwalisch committed Apr 7, 2019
1 parent d414f51 commit 430605fd27057630e5d40b47bf6979b6a50c24fa
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Changes in version 7.5, 07/04/2019

Work in progress!

This version fixes a few non critical bugs/issues.
I have also removed the website because it
simply takes too much effort to maintain it and make it look
nice across all devices, operating systems and browsers.
Hence primesieve's main homepage is now its GitHub repo:

* CMakeLists.txt: Require CMake 3.4 instead 3.9.
* Erat.cpp: Silence MSVC debug warning.
* StorePrimes.hpp: Add workaround for windows.h max/min macros.
* Fix libdir and includedir.
* Add libprimesieve multi-threading section.
* Add detailed build instructions.
* doc/ Info from

Changes in version 7.4, 10/02/2019

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