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realtime multiple people tracking (centerNet based person detector + deep sort algorithm with pytorch)
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centerNet + deep sort with pytorch

This is multi-people tracking code ( centerNet[1] version of yolov + deepsort[2] ), which implemented on CUDA 9.0, ubuntu 16.04, and Anaconda python 3.6. We used CenterNet for real-time object tracking.


conda env create -f CenterNet.yml
pip install -r requirments.txt

Quick Start

  1. Change CENTERNET_ROOT to your local directory in


e.g) CENTERNET_PATH = '/home/kyy/centerNet-deep-sort/CenterNet/src/lib/'
  1. Run demo

Using sample video, we can track multi person.


for webcam, modify two lines

opt.input_type = 'webcam'
//webcam device number 
opt.webcam_ind = 0 

for ip camera, modify three lines

opt.input_type = 'ipcam'
//ip camera url (this is DAHUA camera format)
opt.ipcam_url = 'rtsp://{0}:{1}@IPAddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel={2}&subtype=1'
//ipcamera camera number
opt.ipcam_no = 1

and create a login file ('cam_secret.txt') containing a camera ID and password
for example,


In test step, we used 'ctdet_coco_dla_2x.pth' model in centernet model zoo.
Change two lines if want to use another model(e.g resdcn18.pth).

#MODEL_PATH = './CenterNet/models/ctdet_coco_dla_2x.pth'
#ARCH = 'dla_34'


MODEL_PATH = './CenterNet/models/ctdet_coco_resdcn18.pth'
ARCH = 'resdcn_18'

Model Performance

Speed comparison (centerNet vs yolov3)

GPU : one 1080ti 11G

Alt Text

(Left) CenterNet based tracker: fps 18~23 (vis_thresh=0.5) / (Rright) original yolov3 version[2] : fps 11-12 (conf_thresh=0.5, nms_thresh=0.4)

For ctdet_coco_resdcn18 model, fps is 30~35 (vis_thresh=0.5).

Optionally, using this threading module[4] can slightly improves fps (plus less than 1 fps).

pip install imutils

and modified read and more fuction in as below.

def read(self):
	return self.Q.get(block=True, timeout=2.0)

def more(self):
	#return True if there are still frames in the queue. If stream is not stopped, try to wait a moment
	return not self.stopped


Person detection evalution

coco API provides the mAP evaluation code on coco dataset. So we changed that code slightly to evaluate AP for person class (line 458-464 in 'cocoapi/PythonAPI/pycocotools/' same as 'tools/').

The result is as below.

dataset : coco 2017 train / val.
model : ctdet_coco_resdcn18 model

category : 0 : 0.410733757610904 #person AP
category : 1 : 0.20226150054237374 #bird AP
category : 79 : 0.04993736566987926
Average Precision (AP) @[ IoU=0.50:0.95 | area= all | maxDets=100 ] = 0.280 #original

AP50 comparsion

model (person) AP50 (all classes) AP50
ctdet_coco_dla_2x 77.30 55.13
ctdet_coco_resdcn18 68.24 44.9
*yolov3 416 66.99 49.02

*we train and evaluate yolov3 model using coco 2017 train / val dataset and AlexeyAB/darknet code (iteration number : 200K , avg loss : 2.8xx, batch size: 64, subdivision : 16 // in case of 161K (2000 x 80 class) model, AP50 is 65.02 (person) / 48.54 (all classes)).



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