A bibliography visualization tool using D3 and jQuery
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Scholarmap shows the academic contribution using network structures. This application is implemented by D3 and jQuery and inspired by Mike Bostock’s force layout example and Simon Raper's feature showcase.

Check this example, which is based on a bibtex of my papers.


  • A python script to parse BibTeX files to JSON files
  • Draggable force layout graph
  • Able to show/hide label of nodes
  • Able to search authors or publications

How to use:

  1. Clone this repository or download the zip.

git clone https://github.com/kin-y/scholarmap.git

  1. Prepare a BibTeX file, and put it into the root directory of this repository. For example, you can save it as bibtex.bib

  2. Parse the BibTeX file to JSON file using python script bib2json.py. To run the script, you need to add two arguments: the source BibTeX file name (e.g., bibtex.bib) and the target JSON file name (e.g., bibtex.json)

python bib2json.py bibtex.bib bibtex.json

  1. Browse the graph on your HTTP server. For example, run python simple HTTP server and open the web browser localhost:8000. Enjoy it!