A Python module made to interface with The 5th Row sports data API
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I am leaving this repository up for demonstration purposes. The API service has shut down. RIP.

fifth-row-py Build Status

A Python module made to interface with The 5th Row sports data API

Project Status

I started this project to practice writing Pythonic programs (feel free to let me know how I did with that).

The program is pretty straight forward and easy to use.


To begin making requests to the API, create an object of the FifthRow class like so

from fifth_row import FifthRow
f = FifthRow()

The class defaults to the sandboxed API, so passing no parameters to the constructor is fine for experimenting.

Now that f has been instantiated, we can start making requests using f.get()

matches = f.get(sport='nba', team='ny', status='upcoming')

f.get() returns a generator filled with Matchup objects. These objects hold all the data for every individual match that was returned by our request.

In the event that the API can't find any matchups that meet your request, the method will return a generator containing one NoMatchup object. The NoMatchup object has one attribute, message, that contains the response returned from the API.

The API response objects are similar to this (taken straight from their docs)

  home: { team: ..., code: ... },
  away: { team: ..., code: ... },
  begins: { date: ..., time: ..., iso: ... },
  sport: ...,
  status: "upcoming"

The Matchup objects extract this data and store it in properly named attributes. For instance, the matches home team value can be found in the Matchup object at its attribute home_team. For the away team the value is stored in, you guessed it, the away_team attribute.

Since the get method returns a generator, the easiest way to extract each matches information is by iterating through them

for match in FifthRow.get('nba'):
  print match.status
  print match.home
  print match.away
  if match.status is 'upcoming':
    print match.begin_date

And there you have it.