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-Started moving the Japanese translation of D Programming Language Website
+Written by Kazuhiro Inaba (
+* What is this?
+Japanese translation of D Programming Language
-to github, and translation on DDoc, not directly on HTML.
-(Still thinking about how to translate Phobos documents, though...)
+was suspended from spring 2011.
+Now I am rebooting it and catching up the latest version (dmd v2.059).
+Changes from the old workflow is:
+ - Translate .dd files, not .html files.
+ - Move repository to public github.
+ - D1 refernce will not be updated any more.
+ - (For now) Phobos reference is not maintained.
+ I will think about Phobos after catching up D 2.059.
+* Milestone
+For each release of dmd, I'd like to sync up to the version.
+Current milestone is dmd v2.059, the following revision:
-Currently, I have only set up the repository.
-I will port the translation to DDoc soon.
+* Contributions
-Kazuhiro Inaba (
+I welcome any help!
+If you were interested in translation, just do it and please send a pull request.
+ (One request: please do not change the line numbers while translation.
+ It makes merging of the updates in original English version much easier.)
+Or ask me @kinaba at Twitter.

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