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Dotfiles (MacOS)

These are the configuration files for vim, tmux, zsh and other (generally CLI-based) tools I like for my development environment, along with instructions on how to set up a Mac the way I like it.

Works best for Mac OS (Catalina).

Steps from a fresh install

Pro tip: Create a git repository of the home directory, so you can go back in time if you mess up.

  1. Chrome
    1. Dev tools in dark mode
    2. Extensions:
      1. Vimium
      2. Darkreader
      3. Github refined
      4. Adblock plus
    3. Set as default browser
  2. Set up the dock:
    1. Move it to the left-hand side
    2. Make icons much smaller
    3. Pretty decent zoom
    4. Don't animate opening apps
    5. Don't show recent application in dock
    6. Automatically hide and show dock (to get back some screen real estate)
    7. Remove most apps from the dock apart from (final list:) Finder, Chrome, Alacritty, Trash
  3. Set system-wide dark mode.
  4. Automatically hide the menu bar.
  5. Keep track of 'none' recent items.
  6. Revert scroll direction
  7. Trackpad:
    1. Lookup and data detectors -> tap with three fingers
    2. Disable tap to click
  8. Accessibility (this is where the good bits are):
    1. System voice to fast, and start speaking with CMD + D
    2. Set up 'type to siri'
    3. Zoom with ctrl + scroll
    4. Pointer control -> trackpad- > 3-finger drag
  9. Keyboard:
    1. turn caps lock into ctrl
    2. Make key repeat super fast, not though GUI, but with commands:
  10. GitHub:
    1. Set up SSH keys and GPG keys following their official instructions. (Google it, any links might break)
  11. Install homebrew
  12. Change language with alt + space, and have only two input sources:
    1. American English
    2. Hiragana
  13. Install Magnet from the app store. (paid -- I believe there's a free alternative out there too, but I bought Magnet before I knew about it)
  14. Clone this repo to ~/repos/dotfiles
  15. Make this your ~/.zshrc:
    export DOTFILES_DIR=$HOME/repos/dotfiles
    source $DOTFILES_DIR/zshrc
    # Configurations specific to this computer
    # ...
  16. Symlink (assuming you're in ~):
    ln -s repos/dotfiles/alacritty.yml .alacritty.yml
    ln -s repos/dotfiles/vim .vim
    ln -s repos/dotfiles/tmux.conf .tmux.conf
    ln -s repos/dotfiles/tmux .tmux
    ln -s repos/dotfiles/ctags .ctags
  17. Configure global git ignore: git config --global core.excludesFile '~/repos/dotfiles/.gitignore-global'
  18. brew cask install alacritty so you can continue with a good terminal.
  19. brew install fzf and run /usr/local/opt/fzf/install and answer yes to auto-completion and key bindings, but no to updating shell config files.
  20. Install these other programs from brew: bat ctags diff-so-fancy pff jq gh go neovim the_silver_searcher tmux tree up wget zenith node
  21. Install prettier from npm: npm install -g prettier
  22. Run compaudit | xargs chmod g-w to ensure you have access to the completion files that were created in the previous step.
  23. Have ~/.zshrc export a DOTFILES_DIR=~/repos/dotfiles directory, and source $DOTFILES_DIR/zshrc.
  24. neovim:
    mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim
    echo "set runtimepath^=~/.vim runtimepath+=~/.vim/after" >> ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
    echo "let &packpath = &runtimepath" >> ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
    echo "source ~/.vimrc" >> ~/.config/nvim/init.vim
    echo "source ~/repos/dotfiles/vimrc" >> ~/.vimrc
  25. Install the pretty font that's defined in the alacritty config: brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts brew cask install font-hack-nerd-font
  26. oh-my-zsh:
    1. WARNING: This next step will override your ~/.zshrc, make a copy, as you don't want the results!
    2. Install oh-my-zsh according to their instructions.
    3. replace ~/.zshrc with the copy
  27. Alfred:
    1. brew cask install alfred (definitely avoid app store -- it's horribly outdated)
    2. Disable spotlight cmd + space shortcut in keyboard -> shortuts -> spotlight
    3. Set alfred shortcut to cmd + space
    4. Set up jisho shortcut
    5. Set up clipboard history. Map to cmd + p (who prints these days anyway?)
  28. Install other 'cask' apps:
    brew cask install docker
    brew cask install google-cloud-sdk
    brew cask install postman
    brew cask install spotify
  29. Install go development tools:
    go get -u
    go get -u


  • Hiding fluffy directories from finder that I can't delete (e.g. Music, Movies, etc.)


My settings for shells and editors etc.




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