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Copyright (C) 2006-2012 Christian Kindahl, christian dot kindahl at gmail dot com

This program is licensed under GPL (version 3), please see the file
License.txt. Please note that the graphics used in InfraRecorder is not covered
by GPL, read the details further down in this document.

The InfraRecorder source code can be obtained from

In order to compile InfraRecorder you will need the following libraries:
 1. WTL:
 2. ckCore, ckFileSystem and ckMMC:
 3. libpng:

InfraRecorder uses cdrtools, sources can be found at:

InfraRecorder has been developed with Visual C++ 2005 Professional edition. It
is however possible to compile the sources with the free "Express" edition, but
you will need to separately obtain and install the ATL library headers. The
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK (also free) was the last
Windows SDK version to ship with the ATL headers. The bundled ATL 3.0 is rather
old, but it is still supported by the latest WTL library.

The graphics used in InfraRecorder are NOT covered by GPL. The official
InfraRecorder logo (the logo used in official InfraRecorder binaries), and all
other graphics using it are licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license
( with one additional

 * The work may not be used in derivative software or in the purpose of
   promoting derivative software.

Apart from the graphics using the official InfraRecorder logo the above
license also applies to all graphics that are not derivative works of graphics
created by the Tango Desktop Project. Examples of this kind of graphics are the
button graphics used in the welcome screen.

The remaining graphics that are derivative work based on icons in the Tango
Desktop Project ( is available under the same
license as the Tango Desktop Project graphics. That is the Creative Commons
Attribution Share-Alike license
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