HTTP client plugin for Sublime Text 2
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SublimeHttpRequester - HTTP client plugin for Sublime Text 2



Makes HTTP requests using the selected text as URL + headers. Usefull for testing REST APIs from Sublime Text 2 editor.


Select the text that represents an URL. Examples of requests:

If you need to add extra headers just add them below the URL line, one on each line:
Accept: text/plain

Use the right-click context menu command Http Requester or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + R ( COMMAND + ALT + R on Mac OS X ).

Only HTTP GET is supported at the moment. Planning to extend with POST/UPDATE/DELETE soon.


Using the Sublime Text 2 Package Control plugin ( press CTRL + SHIFT + P and find Package Control: Install Package and press Enter. Find this plugin in the list by name Http Requester.

Or git clone to your Sublime Text 2 packages folder directly (usually located at /Sublime Text 2/Packages/).