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Helps you out with the funny task of opening JIRA issues one by one
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JIRA Opener

Small tool I wrote during a Friday night because I hate to open multiple JIRA issues from e-mails or annoying Slack messages. Basically it helps you out with the funny task of opening JIRA issues one by one.

See it in action


To install the project dependencies run the following npm command.

$ npm install

Start the app

First your need to build the application. The application is going to be compiled in a folder called dist.

$ gulp build

Then you can run the application using the follwing command. This will serve the dist folder in your localhost:3000.

$ gulp run

If you want faster development you can use the watch task to watch assets for change.

$ gulp watch

You can run all these at the same time by running gulp alone.

Gulp Tasks

This application includes the following gulp tasks.

  • js: Concats and minifies JS files to app/dist/app.js.
  • css: Uses SCSS to process app/src/style/app.scss to app/dist/style/app.css.
  • clean_images: Cleans app/dist/images folder.
  • images: Copies images from app/src/images/*/** to app/dist/images.
  • jade: Uses Jade to process app/src/*.jade to app/dist.
  • deploy: Uses gulp-gh-pages npm library to deploy dist content to Github pages (it builds first!)
  • watch: Runs corresponding task for supported action.


Written with ♥ by kinduff. Licensed under the MIT License.

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